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You know you’re great at what you do, but selling is another story. You’ve heard the phrase, “Let me think about it and I’ll get back to you” more times than you can count (translation: nah). 
You’re ready to step off the income rollercoaster and earn consistent money that fully supports you and your lifestyle.
You love consuming content on Instagram but feel awkward and lost when it comes to selling on the platform (and you’ve got a graveyard of deleted Insta stories to prove it).
You have plenty of ideas about how to grow your business and folders full of freebies, but want a strategic plan to execute them. 
You know who your ideal clients are and are ready to sign them at four-figure prices—because these $2-$3k months you keep hitting are not sustainable.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Imagine instead…

Waking up each morning with clear direction in your business thanks to a customized plan.
Looking forward to pitching and doing sales calls because you have a proven framework. 
You know how to crush any objection your client throws your way (no matter how crazy) and close the sale.
Charging more and signing clients because of it, even in a saturated market.
Only working with the clients you WANT to work with (the ones you want to be friends with too).

The original minimind coaching program for women ready to sign more dream clients and scale to consistent $5k months.

The original $5K program to help you break through limiting beliefs, master your sales process, and reclaim your freedom as a business owner. Get the frameworks, support, and accountability you need to scale to consistent $5K months faster. 

I’m handing over the exact system I used to grow my sales coaching business to 6-figures in 18 months flat. And I’m confident it can do the same for you. Why? Because sales aren’t based on popularity or pretty photos. They’re based on human psychology. 


Scale to $5k 

with Meghan Lamle

Trust me, you don’t have to feel like a sleazy car salesman to sign high-ticket clients. Sales can be fun and effortless—if you have a repeatable strategy in place. 

The days of charging $500 for your offer, struggling to sign clients, and getting ghosted are behind you. It’s time to scale your business confidently with a sales strategy that actually works. 

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Wondering what's


90 days of support through a private slack community and weekly Q&A call (valued at $2,997).

60 minute 1:1 call to audit your full business 

Friendship and support as you build your empire alongside a group of like-minded women.

3 monthly 1;1 calls with your own support coach

Scale to $5k

is for your next level you.

This program is perfect for you if…

But you’re gonna want to stop scrolling and close this tab if…

You run a service-based business that’s been around the block for a year or two.

You’re working 24/7 but your bank account doesn’t reflect it.

You love creating effective systems and processes in your business.
You’re confident in what you do and have a heart of service.

You know you have to spend money on your business to make money. 

You love social media and believe it can be a force for good in your business.

Leggings are your pant of choice (okay, they’re more of a mindset, but still). 

You haven’t started your business yet and don’t know who you want to serve.

Your business in an MLM or a product-based business.

You don’t believe mindset and intention have to be paired with action to be effective. 

Most importantly, you’ll leave this program with...

Confidence that you can consistently sell your offer at high price points because you have the frameworks and strategies you need to pitch and close any call. 
Peace of mind knowing your business works for you, not the other way around. 
Clarity around what tasks to prioritize and when to do them (goodbye shiny object syndrome!). 
Pride in your thriving business and your unique skill set. 

I'm In 

Some #wins 

Because I’ve experienced this exact transformation in my own life and business. Rewind to two years ago, when I hated my service job, got fired, and realized that my true skill set and interest were in coaching. So I put my big-girl leggings on, refused to listen to my limiting beliefs, and got to work. Since starting my coaching business 18 months ago, I’ve brought in over $180,000 in sales.

 ...Even with just $200 in my pocket.
….Even without a fancy website. 
...Even with just a few hundred Instagram followers. 

I’m not a business unicorn (more like a book worm with a messy bun). The real reason I’ve been able to scale? A tested sales framework. 

So let me dispel that myth you’re telling yourself once and for all: You’re not bad at sales. You just need a proven strategy. 

Hi, I’m Meghan.

I’m here to tell you this reality is possible for you. How do I know? 

Lexi Weigl got her start in the online space when she started posting on Instagram for her part-time job as a college student & discovered her knack for digital marketing. She started her own business in December 2018 & helped business owners and digital service provider’s grow their own business through Instagram and other social media platforms.

Hi, I’m Lexi.

Head coach of Scale to $5k 

A few more client wins before you go (#proudcoachmom):

Picture it: You actually look forward to effortless and fun sales calls that book dream clients and scale your business.

How will I access the program and what does that include?

Once your application is accepted, you will receive a link for your 60 minute business plan call with me. After your call, you will receive:
A course login
A customized business plan
A link to join the slack channel 
A link to join the FB group 

Will I have lifetime access?

You will receive lifetime access to the course materials and the FB community. During your 90 days, you are considered an active student, which means you have access to the slack channel, to myself, and to the co-coaching aspect of the program. 

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, you can make three monthly payments of just $1,400!

How much access will I have to Meghan?

You will have a sixty minute call with me to kick off the program,2 group calls a month, and access to the slack channel to ask me your questions! 

Love the curiosity.

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