When you started your business, you dreamed of sipping your coffee in a coffee shop, working from your laptop, and being able to get a massage on a Tuesday without your boss telling you “no”

but let's face it - entrepreneurship can be one big game of trial and error

What if you didn't have to spend hours testing, Googling, and wondering if this is the right decision for you?

that's the ultimate dream →

You know what you do has the potential to help millions of people (and maybe you've already seen a high sales month).

But generating those sales month after month? That's where you're struggling.

Reality check You don’t have to unsubscribe to your business vision just because you haven’t gotten it built just right yet.

the thing is...

Building your business doesn't have to include:

Delegating tasks and ending up doing it yourself because you just aren’t sure if they will get done correctly (mama always said if you want it done right, do it yourself…. I think) 

Struggling to understand what to do next - "Should I hire or build another passive program?"
(hint - the answer is both)

Wondering what this 'time freedom' everyone is talking about, you are now the CEO which means being on call 25/8 

Hey, I'm Meghan


If you’d told me two years ago I’d be focusing on sales and helping other business owners grow their own sales process. I’d have laughed. Loudly. In your face.

I was stuck in a dead-end service job in the massage industry, knowing my true talents were in coaching but having no clue where to start, no industry connections, and $200 in my bank account.

Through investing in psychology-based sales education and creating a repeatable strategy, I was able to build my business and hit multiple 6 figures in revenue in just one year. 


learn from me →

You don’t have to be naturally good at business. 

In fact, most online business owners don’t have a degree in business. 

Your vision can be co created when you have clear direction from someone who has been there.

What does that mean for you?
Struggling to scale is a thing of the past & it's time for you to grow your business, automate those tasks, and maybe take that vacation you've been dreaming of.

The only difference between you + future you? Making the choice to take action.

i'm in   →



Your all-access pass to creating a business that supports you, instead of you supporting the business.

1:1 Sales Coaching

what this includes:

12 x 90 minute calls with Meghan

12 x Weekly Audit + Co-Creation of ALL your materials 

Partnership opportunities 

Private Slack Channel 

Lifetime access to Consistent Sales System

At the level you are at, you need customized attention to your business. This means 1x1 time dedicated to you.  These calls align with your goals + keep you going 

Learning is a process + sometimes you just need a second set of eyes. Whether it is a sales call, IG post or your own program. I got you

Network = Net worth. Starting out it's hard to connect with other people. Being able to grow as a thought leader is my primary goal. 

Sometimes, you just get it after the call. Having support in between your calls can help you. This is your space if you need questions, comments or just a good job

Get support beyond the 1:1 container. After you graduate, I will move you in CSS for maintenance and on going support 

valued at:

how this helps you:

you get:








You are an action taker and you will figure this out. 

Before you close the page + count yourself out, remember:

Payment Options:

12 Month Commitment

6 month commitment

pay in full


one lump sum due upon signing the contract 

payment plan + revenue share

$1250 + 10%

monthly, due each month on date of contract signing 

pay in full


one lump sum due upon signing the contract 

payment plan + revenue share

$867 + 10%

monthly, due each month on date of contract signing 

what is revenue share? →

apply for 1:1

this is for you if:

You have the basics down

You are ready to grow + understand that it comes putting in dedicated work

You know you can do more + are ready for more 

You are a life time learner, which means you come back to learn new things 

this is not for you if:

You are unclear on who you are, who you help and how you help them

You want to rely on just showing up + people buying 

You are okay with where you are at (and thats okay).

your next steps:

 Accepting 5 entrepreneurs on for the first half of 2023. 

If you aren’t ready - and know you will be, I have a waiting list. 

Fill out your application
Set up your sales call (all applications require a sales call) 
Pop the champagne and grow your business

apply for 1:1

What is revenue share?

Revenue share means that I make a commission on all new sales that you made during the coaching program. You may choose when you pay out and how you pay it.

I capped all revenue share at 20k in commission which would be 200k new income in your business

short answer:

Accessibility - When I started my business, sometimes I truly had to cut costs for a coach. Sales skills are irreplaceable - having the option for you to learn them is essential. 

Scalability - I believe in fewer + better with clients. I’ve first hand experience when your mentor is overloaded with clients. This allows me to serve fewer clients better without capping my income.