Building a Business that Supports Your Dreams



August 4, 2022

For you to grow the business that supports your dream life, sometimes you are going to have to fail

This is one of the best-kept secrets of entrepreneurship. You’re going to have to fail (like fall flat on your face), in order to truly scale. I know you’ve tried selling in your DMs and initiated a few sales calls… but always heard no or maybe next time. 

The missing piece is knowing sales skills.

I know that having heard the word no made you rethink if you could actually make your business the “Real thing” (aka achieve your dreams). 

But this just shows that there’s something missing when sales skills are taught to entrepreneurs. 

When I faced the word no repeatedly, I began asking myself “Why is this method not working and how can I change it?”

Like yourself, I wasn’t doing anything wrong when it came to the method I was using. It was just an outdated method I had been taught. The consumer had already learned what I was doing and could sense it from a mile away. 

I know you feel the same way (like that deep down gut feeling). Sometimes though you are just along for the ride 

So, instead of hiding in our blankets and binge watching netflix (i’m looking at you bridgerton), 

it’s time to face the fact that you are already ahead of the other entrepreneurs waiting for a sales call. 

You knew that though. So take a moment to pat yourself on the back, because you are actually aware of trends in the sales world.

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Building a Business that Supports Your Dreams

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