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Right now finding + signing clients can feel like pulling teeth.

You’re reaching out to people who you think are a good fit but instead they’re pitching you or you’re left on read.

You’re waiting for clients to jump in your DMs and “throw their credit card at you” but you feel like you’d have a better chance waiting for hell to freeze over. 

(but hey, maybe the devil is generous with his bank info 🤷🏻‍♀️) 

You’ve tried what you think gets results for others... 

→ You're creating basic AF content about why clients need you (i.e. 3 reasons you need a copywriter, what you do as an OBM, how to use Canva)

→ You’re connecting and building community with potential clients but when it turns to business your lack of confidence shows and… *potential client has left the chat*

→ You’re constantly checking your story views and hanging in your DMs hoping someone asks for a link, but god forbid you pitch them the link first (cause how taboo)

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Fast cash infusions are not reserved for 10k followers, further along business owners, or any other misconception you’ve been hardwired to believe.

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Fast Cash Bundle

A bundle of my best trainings that bring together creating content, finding potential clients, and navigating sales conversations so you can build a process that generates fast cash and easy conversions.

High Converting Content

Cash Money Conversations

Fast Cash Conversions




Discover how to infuse sales psychology into your content to generate more inbound leads

Learn the tested and proven ways to genuinely interact and qualify leads from day 1

Understand how to pivot the conversation to close the sale and use objections to your advantage

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✓ Creating Demand FAST
✓ Fast Sales Convos
✓ Objections

total value: $ 297

✓ 6-Part Buying Process
✓ Lead Generation
✓ Lead Tracker Walkthru
✓Nurture by Lead Type

total value: $397

✓ 4 Buyer Types
✓ Using Buyer Types in Content
✓ Master your Messaging 

total value: $197

Instead of feeling awkward, sleazy, and defeated when it comes to finding + signing clients…

→ Start creating content that speaks to each buyer type and targets more than just ‘how-to’ and problem awareness

Feel confident in your ability to approach leads for the first time and generate your own custom lead flow

→ Understand how to start, guide, and close sales conversations that have the client on the other end saying “Hell yes, send me the link”.

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