All Things Scale to $5k: 3 Case studies



December 29, 2021

In less than one year of entrepreneurship, I generated $100k in my online business. One thing I learned was that the first hard milestone in your business is creating consistent $5k revenue months.

The thing is, there are tons of courses out there and so many ways to teach sales, but the biggest gap I see in the market is buyer psychology. I’ve looked at a ton of programs launched by 6-figure business owners on selling, and this is what they miss.

You might know how to sell and understand who your ideal client is, but you don’t really know how people buy. This is what’s hindering the sale!

I started taking what I learned from my background in marketing and tying it with learning about sales psychology. Guess what? I noticed that sales could actually be effortless. Then, I built a framework that implemented this new knowledge and layered it inside my emails, content, and programs. And it worked. 

January 2020 was a $5k month for me. In February, I hit $13k.

Understanding mental triggers and cues that lead people to say, “Okay, I need this in my life” was the difference between a $5k month and a $15k month. And now, I share this with my clients in Scale to $5k. 

It’s so much easier to sell when you understand it doesn’t have to be so hard. 

Let’s take a look at three case studies on several of my clients who have gone through Scale to $5k:

Case Study #1

My first client came to me with lots of leads. She wanted to sign a coach to help her convert them, but she had the classic argument of, “I can’t spend more money on coaching because I’m not making enough money.” I told her that we could turn the LOADS of DMs she had into paying clients with my help.

The other issue she had was being too afraid to pitch. There’s this toxic mindset out there that says if you pitch, you’re pushy. The first thing we did together was craft pitches for the people who needed to be inside the program. 

Our second focus was helping her differentiate her business. We all sell the same coaching programs that include calls, Voxer or Slack communication, and additional tools and resources. But the biggest driver behind your program is the FEELING that you’re selling.

Another conversion driver we honed in on was mini trainings. Why? Mini trainings create reciprocity – when you give someone free information, their brain will want to try to figure out how to create an equal exchange with you. This was a game-changer.

My client ended up closing over $6,200 in sales within a month because:

  1. She had an authentic sales process that was unique to her and showcased her as an authority.
  2. She had clear guidelines on how to pitch – and gave herself PERMISSION to pitch.

Case Study #2

This client had gone through a group coaching program before working with me. She’s a service provider who said, “I want to make more money, but I’m having a hard time selling.”

The first thing we did was organize her leads. This is super important for your lead pool because you only have so much mental space. There’s a reason why millionaires wear boring clothes – to cut down the decision fatigue. Make it easier for yourself and keep your leads organized.

The second thing we did was look at the pain point of her ideal client. This IC was ready to outsource, but they had a mental block around spending the money. We needed to bring awareness to the problem. 

It wasn’t that they didn’t have the money, it was bringing awareness around the issue that this ideal client was trying to do this all on their own to save money. So we built content that focused on that pain point and had strong calls to action to outsource to her.

My client needed a sales process that was authentic to her so she could:

  1. Talk to her ideal client and create the opportunities to pitch.
  2. Objection handling that didn’t feel forced. That meant if someone said no to her pitch multiple times, she could say, “I’m still here when you’re ready.” And more often than not, they’d come back.

She also used upsells! She would use her expertise to analyze the business and approach her clients as a partner. She’d present opportunities for them to upgrade their packages or add on work when she felt it could truly be a good fit for them and say, “Here’s what you really need to get to where you want to be.”

Case Study #3

This girl was my absolute DREAM client. She came to me and said, “I’m not making sales. I need help.” Her problem was similar to my client in the first case study – she thought she was too nice to pitch.

Pitching is not pushing people. It’s saying, “Hey, we’ve talked about your problems, and I know the solution because I’ve provided this solution before. Here’s what it could look like for you inside of this service.”

We opened up her DMs and really looked at who was available. She started warming up several people to pitch into her coaching program in a way that wasn’t pushy, but rather just a, “Hey, let me help you.” We had her top tier program and customized downsells if they couldn’t afford the full program. 

When she first came to me, she had $1,700 coming in each month. In under a month, my client was $1700 away from a $10k month. Insane. 

These people aren’t any different from you. It’s about building a sales process with scripts and templates and resources designed to get us results.





All Things Scale to $5k: 3 Case studies

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