Face it, you and I both know that you’re stuck when it comes to sales. 

You wish your email was flooding with invoices every day. You wish your programs were selling out. And it’d be nice if it all felt effortless on your part - but none of that is happening.

You know it’s because you don’t have a process that converts leads into paying customers, and you really don’t understand how to sell in general because you aren’t a salesman.

You want to pitch but you don’t want to feel sleazy, you want to grow your business but you don’t want to be salesy and you have NO clue how to get out of the friend zone.

You feel like you’re always hustling to get to the next client. Sales are sleazy, hard and gross. And because of that, money doesn’t feel as consistent as it needs to be. 

These feelings are not at ALL why you wanted to start this business, right?
But you're ready to - let them know exactly what they want right here. 

Here’s the problem (or problems): 

You don't really know what you don't know - there are blind spots in your business, you just don't know where

You continue to invest in other courses and research your time away without a plan to take action in your business. 

These are all small steps instead of the LEAP in your business that you need.
You need customized support to fix the problem NOW. The needle in your business is STUCK.

In the back of your mind, you wonder if you’re cut out for this. You question if you’re heading in the right direction. Or there must be some secret formula that every other entrepreneur that you don’t. 

Before I learned science-based sales and strategic planning, every day was a toss up of weather or not I had enough money to buy my morning coffee.

My DM were full of "When I have money, I would love to work with you" but when that time came, they were signing with someone else 

Like you, I didn’t think one call could change anything. Then, using my own frame work it became easy to close $18k or $20k on random week days (not in a launch) 

Enough of that - let’s get you real-time results.

It’s time to stop rinsing and repeating what others are doing. To stop asking yourself what you’re doing wrong when it doesn’t work for you.

Picture it: You are finally seeing the progress you want in your business. You can talk about your offer effortlessly and fill spots in your programs and services while you sit and sip coffee.

My past experience is your current reality (but not for long).

I'm ready 

Wondering what's


So you can...finally see the growth you want in your business

60 minute call dedicated to you and your business - gladly pick my brain

Customized Audit of your current business & clear list of what next steps need to be taken, so that you can see compounded growth in six months

Resource Vault with your specific plan in mind - think templates, resources, guides that my elite clients only have access to 

you should never have to choose between

growth and your sanity

Because I’ve experienced this exact transformation in my own life and business. Rewind to two years ago, when I hated my service job, got fired, and realized that my true skill set and interest were in coaching. So I put my big-girl leggings on, refused to listen to my limiting beliefs, and got to work. Since starting my coaching business 18 months ago, I’ve brought in over $180,000 in sales.

 ...Even with just $200 in my pocket.
….Even without a fancy website. 
...Even with just a few hundred Instagram followers. 

I’m not a business unicorn (more like a book worm with a messy bun). The real reason I’ve been able to scale? A tested sales framework. 

So let me dispel that myth you’re telling yourself once and for all: You’re not bad at sales. You just need a proven strategy. 

Hi, I’m Meghan.

I’m here to tell you this reality is possible for you. How do I know? 

Ready for more money and less time working? Ideal clients lining up in your DMs to work with you? Building a team and growing like you’ve always wanted?

Your dreams are waiting for you....

SOld, Where do I sign up 

Picture it: You are finally seeing the progress you want in your business. You can talk about your offer effortlessly and fill spots in your programs and services while you sit and sip coffee.

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