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Meghan is a corporate dropout turned multiple six-figure business owner. After taking the last $200 in her bank account and creating a multiple six-figure businesses in her first year, she learned the power of sales. Meghan has taught sales to over 200+ entrepreneurs in the last three years, has had $100k+ launches, and has over 8 years of experience in the sales space. Meghan blends the power of sales psychology and behavioral economics to teach entrepreneurs how to scale their business and master their sales

I help women in the online space learn how to sell consistently so that they can scale their business rapidly.

My community is built up 96% of women between the ages of 18 -44 who share a love of business and aspire to grow their own successful businesses.

Speaking Points —


Sales Psychology


Mental Health


Buyer Types

different types of buyers


How we’re shifting to storytelling and vulnerability


Mechanics of sales psychology


Depression to 6-figure launch


when you’re selling it’s just what you’re saying. Cognitive biases, the science of decision-making

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There are few things in this life that can't be fixed by a hug from your dad

Coffee is its own food group

Pants: Optional. Leggings are truly the best pants of the future

Business is a practice — Show up and work hard