The burnout was real.
I closed my business in 2021.

 After years of trying to scale my business through “proven” methods. Then, I came back with a $167k launch


I dropped doing things their way and started doing them My way. Have a seat, pour yourself a drink.

When you expand your knowledge and hone in on your skills, you are able to develop your own personal, ever-evolving strategy. I’m talking about one that gets you results.

In 2022, I decided to stop playing y everyone else’s rules. Instead, I integrated over 110 business books, 9 years of sales experience, and $100k+ spent in coaching, courses, and master class.

And here is what happened:

→ I felt so much more confident - finally showing up as my true self instead of trying to look and sound like someone else

→ I was able to create multiple new offers, serving a multitude of people by meeting them where they were at. (instead of feeling like I needed to focus on one singular offer)

→ I generated almost $200k in 30 days without breaking a sweat (or missing a nap)

When’s the last time you broke the rules and did things your way?

Oh, by the way, I’m Meghan—

Before burning down my business in 2021… My humble beginnings in sales WAS not what you think. I worked various sales jobs in college learning how to make extra money through commission. It wasn’t till I graduate with my degree in business management that I looked for a job. When the job search came up empty, I took on a new challenge.

Teaching sales to a team that had no interest in selling or what sales were. In 4 short months, my team went from 0 to #1 in the state for sales. It wasn’t until I got fired from the same job, that I took my last $200 in my bank account and joined a coaching program.

With time, I mastered the sales process and developed a sales psychology-based framework. This growth allowed me to create $200k in my first year of coaching, $300k in sales in 90 days, and help countless clients do the same. (Okay, 250 and growing)

I knew that being a sales expert would extend beyond just coaching you through. A deeper understanding is what helps you stand out from the always-changing market.

And I want that for you. That’s why I’m committed to teaching you sales strategies backed by science and implementable strategies that actually work no matter the situation. (and it doesn’t require becoming a clone of me ).


Sales isn’t a one size fits all and shouldn’t be taught that way

There are few things in this life that can't be fixed by a hug from your dad

Coffee is its own food group

Pants: Optional. Leggings are truly the best pants of the future

Business is a practice — Show up and work hard

I’m also on a mission to make MORE business owners profitable through psychology-based marketing and sales that

Show me the money

Listen, I get not being sure if sales is right for you. See what other clients and past students say