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You started your business for more freedom, 

now it feels like anything but that.

but right

You swear there’s a new ‘proven’ framework, formula, or strategy every time you open your socials, and tbh, you just don’t feel like trying to keep up anymore. 

You’ve tried to keep up with the latest trends in growing your business - pushy problem awareness content, giving things away for free, and even the $1.80 method from 2017 (Hi Gary V, I still love you).

It’s time for you to build your own framework to success with timeless knowledge + tangible skills.


                              you feel like you’re always trying to implement the newest


And when that doesn’t work, you figure you probably just need to try a different one. 
But here’s the thing - no one business strategy will fit everyone. And you don’t need to waste years trying them all.

You can build your own wildly successful business without a copy+paste method from your favorite mentor. You just need the knowledge and skills to do it.


Let's be honest,

When you dive deep into the scientific principles behind

Know the what, how, and why behind your audience’s struggles, desires, and perspectives (so you can fill these gaps with your offers)

Develop a marketing + sales process that is rooted in YOU and how you connect best to your audience so you feel and are seen as authentic

Understand how to pivot your strategies when results plateau instead of having to download a new one from a $97 offer

              sales, marketing, and human behavior

you can finally:

Hey, I'm Meghan


If you’d told me four years ago, I'd have almost $200k launches, teaching 200+ women to grow their business and be able to make money whenever.... I'd say "Who me?"

I was stuck in a dead-end service job in the massage industry, and not ready to settle for a 9-5 life. 
I had no clue where to start, no industry connections, and $200 in my bank account.

Through investing in psychology-based sales education and creating a repeatable strategy, I was able to build my business and hit multiple 6 figures in revenue in just one year. 

Now it's your turn to build a profitable brand, be able to sell whatever, whenever and work waaay less.

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Scale to $5k Masterclass

Six figures in six months isn't a pipe dream. When you have repeatable marketing and sales strategies you can finally scale your business and know when you're going to get paid. In just 60 minutes, learn 3 common sales mistakes, how to avoid them, and the original Scale to $5k system.

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hannah b.

I joined Scale to 5k in the very beginning stages of my online business and it was by far the best decision I could have made! I made my ROI within the first 4 weeks and I have only been able to grow my business from there.

i made my roi within the first 4 weeks

lacey m.

I remember when I used to think Sales had to be this sleezy, draining activity that never left me feeling great… and now Sales is what I live and Breath! I love it! She helped me fall in love with sales by understanding it and that’s the magic in what meghan does.


ashley m.

The first week I hired Meghan I made $14.5K in sales when I was out of a launch mode. She really teaches you how to effortlessly sell ALWAYS. The next time I did have a launch, I sold half of the spots before the launch began and made $19.6K in sales by the time the launch was over. She really helps you navigate every sales conversation and objection you could imagine.

I MADE $14.5K IN SALES the first week

alayna k.

I doubled my prices and signed a new 1:1 client within a month of working with Meghan. I also created a brand new offer for a brand new audience and learned how to sell in a way that brings in recurring income every month. After launching my new offer, I was able to generate more income in one month than I did in the 6 months prior.

i made more income in one month than i did the 6 months prior

may j.

. Meghan makes complex theories simple and always provides practical next steps to allow for immediate transformation to take place. She wants the best for her clients and uses her constant learning & development to positively impact every business that she touches.

she uses her constant learning & development to positively impact every business that she touches.

keri w.

Before working with Meghan, I often felt like I was doing a lot and getting ‘not enough’ in return for my (not strategic at all) efforts.
After working with Meghan, I feel like I have a totally different outlook and perspective of business. It’s no longer just a side hustle or fun game - it’s strategic BUSINESS that IS FUN.

I feel like I have a totally different outlook and perspective of business.


Selling has always scared me - until I met Meghan. I love her approach to sales, it’s effective without feeling pushy or sleazy and she is amazing at helping you pitch to clients. I have never been more confident selling to clients now that I have her support!

I have never been more confident selling to clients now that I have her support!


You simply won’t find a more well rounded sales and marketing coach who KNOWS their stuff like Meghan does. Meghan teaches you how to lean into sales and actually enjoy it, rather than being fearful of the process or feeling icky about it. No matter what type of business you want to run, program you want to launch, product you want to market, person you want to talk to, this is the place for you.

Consistent Sales System is the space I didn’t know I needed in my business

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