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Let's be real...

You can't build a successful, profitable business without sales.

You're probably thinking, "Meghan, I didn't start my business to get good at sales, I started it to help my clients with my unique skillset".
And hey, I get it.
But here's the thing - learning how to sell (and sell well) is the key to serving even more clients while sustaining and scaling your business. 

When you use my repeatable sales strategies rooted in psychology, selling gets to feel like:

A sigh of relief (and excitement) knowing you helped solve someone's problem
Each potential client leaving a conversation with you feeling seen, heard, and valued 
Confidence that when you're selling, you're staying true to you (no icky sales tactics)

Hey, I'm Meghan


If you’d told me two years ago I’d be focusing on sales and helping other business owners grow their own sales process. I’d have laughed. Loudly. In your face.

I was stuck in a dead-end service job in the massage industry, knowing my true talents were in coaching but having no clue where to start, no industry connections, and $200 in my bank account.

Through investing in psychology-based sales education and creating a repeatable strategy, I was able to build my business and hit multiple 6 figures in revenue in just one year. 


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hannah b.

I joined Scale to 5k in the very beginning stages of my online business and it was by far the best decision I could have made! I made my ROI within the first 4 weeks and I have only been able to grow my business from there.

i made my roi within the first 4 weeks

lacey m.

I remember when I used to think Sales had to be this sleezy, draining activity that never left me feeling great… and now Sales is what I live and Breath! I love it! She helped me fall in love with sales by understanding it and that’s the magic in what meghan does.


ashley m.

The first week I hired Meghan I made $14.5K in sales when I was out of a launch mode. She really teaches you how to effortlessly sell ALWAYS. The next time I did have a launch, I sold half of the spots before the launch began and made $19.6K in sales by the time the launch was over. She really helps you navigate every sales conversation and objection you could imagine.

I MADE $14.5K IN SALES the first week

alayna k.

I doubled my prices and signed a new 1:1 client within a month of working with Meghan. I also created a brand new offer for a brand new audience and learned how to sell in a way that brings in recurring income every month. After launching my new offer, I was able to generate more income in one month than I did in the 6 months prior.

i made more income in one month than i did the 6 months prior

may j.

. Meghan makes complex theories simple and always provides practical next steps to allow for immediate transformation to take place. She wants the best for her clients and uses her constant learning & development to positively impact every business that she touches.

she uses her constant learning & development to positively impact every business that she touches.

keri w.

Before working with Meghan, I often felt like I was doing a lot and getting ‘not enough’ in return for my (not strategic at all) efforts.
After working with Meghan, I feel like I have a totally different outlook and perspective of business. It’s no longer just a side hustle or fun game - it’s strategic BUSINESS that IS FUN.

I feel like I have a totally different outlook and perspective of business.


Selling has always scared me - until I met Meghan. I love her approach to sales, it’s effective without feeling pushy or sleazy and she is amazing at helping you pitch to clients. I have never been more confident selling to clients now that I have her support!

I have never been more confident selling to clients now that I have her support!


You simply won’t find a more well rounded sales and marketing coach who KNOWS their stuff like Meghan does. Meghan teaches you how to lean into sales and actually enjoy it, rather than being fearful of the process or feeling icky about it. No matter what type of business you want to run, program you want to launch, product you want to market, person you want to talk to, this is the place for you.

Consistent Sales System is the space I didn’t know I needed in my business

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in business and launching is that fear will hold us back. If you don’t acknowledge that fear, you’re going to keep heading in the wrong direction. 

My Scale to $5k launch was amazing, but it definitely showed me the right direction I need to go with my courses in the future. Let’s go over the numbers, as well as what worked and what didn’t before I jump into what’s coming next (hint: those of you wanting more buyer psychology and to grow your business to consistent $5k months are about to get even better offers coming your way).

Here’s a recap for you:

The Numbers

After the launch of Scale to $5k, my take home cash was a little over $7k. Here’s the thing with passive products that people don’t realize: Yes, that is my cash, but we have to factor in the business overhead, which is around $8-12k every month for me. Between coaching, my team, graphic designer, and a Pinterest coach, there are a lot of moving parts inside of my business that make up my monthly expenses. 

Conversion Events 

The first freebie I did as a part of my conversion event was the Signature Sales Script. I had that freebie live for 10-12 days and I had 334 opt-ins with a 37% conversion rate. I picked this topic for a freebie because it answered an important question: “What information do I want them to come to the table with before we go into Scale to $5k?” I wanted them to know that scripts can help them grow their business, and this led nicely into the overall outcome they wanted out of Scale to $5k.

I dropped this freebie into every Facebook group I could think of, which was super important for getting the number of opt-ins I had. You want to make sure each time you post about your freebie or an offer, it’s written for that community specifically and those are groups you’ve been active in – posting, going Live, commenting, and sharing before. 

My goal has always been to build a business that is sustainable and creates an impact. Having conversations and building your network in groups like this is so important in order to make that happen. 

After they opted in, I redirected them to my Facebook group and Pinterest with my second email in the sequence. Then, they got an authority building freebie with two additional videos on FAQs of sales calls and a live sales call with a client of mine. The freebie and the free lessons built my email list up to 600 people. 

Giving an actual piece of the program for free was the second part of this. A free lesson through the endowment effect creates ownership. I had 160 people join in a two-hour period. I ended up closing at 19 women, and 7 of them joined on the last day. 

What Worked in the Launch

  1. Teasing the offer. I had countdowns and I talked about it over and over. My content on all fronts supported it and called out a lot of the pain points this program was going to address.
  2. The freebie and free lesson grew my email list so fast – over 600 people! And I gained over 1000 new followers on Instagram.
  3. I extended my cart through the weekend, but I released an objection handling piece that so many people related to and needed. 
  4. I kept a strong lead tracker and directly asked people who viewed the sales page why they hadn’t bought yet. I didn’t beat around the bush. 
  5. This was one of those defining launches where I began to be recognized by my peers. To have people you admire turn your faces to me and say “you’re the sales expert.”

What Didn’t Work 

  1. Not promoting my waitlist or creating a strong waitlist strategy. This is super important because it creates exclusivity and a pool of leads to pull from. 
  2. Opening my cart on Wednesday vs. Monday. I should have opened it on a Monday, especially since I’m not as active on social media on the weekends. 
  3. I had to learn how to build a launch and hand it off to my Online Business Manager to execute it. This is something I continue to learn how to build things to hand them off and still have them done to the standard that I want.
  4. The name of this program hindered a lot of people who wanted this information.

The Future of Scale to $5k

Scale to $5k is something I’ve been building since October of 2019. It was built from the demand to know how I grew to consistent $5k months in my first 90 days and a 6-figure business in less than a year. 

Buyer’s psychology and sales psychology are both a huge part of your business and I saw that gap in the market, but I was scared to separate them into two different programs. Really this was doing them a disservice because they’re both such in-depth topics on their own.

That said, the buyer’s psychology portion will become its own course that will be released in September 2020 and will go super deep into this topic alone. This will even go into consumer behavior and other aspects of this. 

Scale to $5k will finally become the program it was meant to be: An A-Z guide on how to become a coach and hit a consistent $5k month, scale your services, and how the heck you actually run a coaching business. Mark your calendars, August 3rd. She is coming back 

There’s so much in the online business world about how to sign clients, build an offer, how to market your services, etc. but no one teaches you how to actually coach someone – handling clients who don’t want it as bad as you, how to push them and pull back and when you need to, the actual COACHING side of coaching. 

Stay tuned for the launch details on both of these programs! 

What questions do you have about launching for me? What has your launching experience been like?

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So you’ve tried the DM strategies, the waitlists, and the free sales calls… but nothing seems to be clicking when it comes to signing clients with ease. (Isn’t that what all those methods claim to do?).

In this blog, you will learn how utilizing empowerment and human nature can make conversions effortless. (no, really!)

Let’s face it, every time a DM hits your inbox, you start sweating.

You’re not the only one, and you no longer have to feel this way.

You get nervous because you know this could lead to a potential sale, but also, you’ll have to work to get it to that point – and it’s HARD (when you don’t have the right tools).

🔑 The key to a smooth sales process is digging deeper into psychology.

When you know how and why a person buys, you’re able to make the experience empowering for them (and easy for you).

Now, how do you learn how and why someone buys? 

I’ll tell you right now – it’s not a one and done process.

Every person has a different style, method, and mentality when it comes to investing and making purchases. No two people are alike. (That’s why those scripts don’t work!)

To learn the reasoning behind your ICA’s potential purchase, you’ll need to evaluate them, do your research, and of course – ask them questions.

When you’re able to get to know someone and touch on key needs and desires that are important to them, it becomes more than ‘just’ a client, it becomes a relationship – they trust that you have their best interest in mind. And that? That leads to easy sales.

What happens when you feel empowered?

When a coach or someone you look up to connects with you, takes the time to find out what you’re working towards, and gives you the next steps you need to take? You’re more likely to become loyal to that person, buy from them, and see results because you’re committed,

That’s what you want from your ICAs.

It’s time we say goodbye to scripted, surface level sales.

💰In my course, Buyer Psychology,

I teach you how to make sales easy again with empowerment, human nature, and psychological principles – Check it out below

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Meghan Lamle Sales Expert

Did you know that there are 4 different buyer types throughout your audience? Yes, each person you are trying to sell to has a specific way of buying that’s unique to them – and not knowing this could be the reason you’re struggling to sign clients. Let’s dive into what these 4 buyer types are and how knowing more about them can help you sign more clients, easily.

Debbie: The Leader of the Pack

The first of the 4 buyer types is Debbie. I call her the leader of the pack.

She’s headstrong and first to take action in all scenarios.

Debbie’s working style can be described as quick, efficient, but also sometimes missing details (because she’s focused on getting so much done!).

Because Debbies are always ready to move forward in business, they often focus on the transformation they’ll receive from their investment. They want to be able to envision that new life ahead of them!

When you’re selling to a Debbie, talking about the transformation is key.

Allie: The Detailed One

The second of the 4 buyer types is Allie. She’s an organized & detailed workhorse.

She’s infamous for filling out long detailed spreadsheets and letting you know when there’s a typo.

Allie is the one that will help you map out every next step you need to take (with checkboxes, status points, and communication outlines).

Because Allies are so detail-oriented, they always want to know about the features and inclusions in what they’re investing in.

When you’re selling to an Allie, focus on the features and details of your offer.

Emma: The Mom Friend

The third of the 4 buyer types is Emma. She’s the mom friend of her group and always has been. She has a sixth-sense for inauthentic selling and won’t be swayed to purchase something she doesn’t feel aligned with.

Emma is the one that trusts her gut and follows her intuition when it comes to investing.

Because Emmas are focused on relationship-building and feeling in tune, she’ll want to know you and the investment closely before investing.

When you’re selling to an Emma, focus on the feelings the investment will give.

Cassie: The Connection Queen

The last of the 4 buyer types is Cassie. She’s the friend that always has the group chat flowing. She is loyal and committed to her community and will be the first to share the group with others.

Cassie is a people-person and loves sharing experiences with others that are in the same boat as her.

Because Cassies are focused on community and connecting with others, they want to make sure they are investing in something where they can share the experience with peers.

When you’re selling to an Cassie, focus on the community and other members she’ll have access to.

Now, Nobody has ‘I’m an Allie Buyer Type’ stamped on their forehead. So how do you discover which buyer type a person is and how you can sign clients easier using that information?

You dig. Selling is a process that requires time, relationship-building, and lots of back-and-forth conversations. When you take the time to connect with a lead and see what really matters to them, you can sell to them in a way that makes them feel empowered. Not just a scripted DM.

So, If you’re ready to go deeper into buyer types and how to use psychological principles to sign more clients, my course Buyer Psychology 2.0 is for you. 

You can find more of the information I teach on Buyer Types and Psychology over on Instagram.

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Let’s say it out loud – no one enjoys seeking people who don’t want to buy whatever you are offering, which is why no one wants to do lead generation. So 99% of the google searches about Instagram focus on three things: 1. Going viral , 2. Getting more followers, 3. Going viral to get more followers. This idea that more people = more opportunities for someone to buy is why lead generation feels like a numbers game 

What actually is the numbers game

Scarcity – the mindset that keeps you broke + keeps you in the numbers game. At your core, you believe that you could truly run out of people who can buy your products and want to. There are currently over 1.3 Billion people on instagram. It’s not a matter of running out of people, it’s the idea that you are reaching enough people in time. Insert going viral + more followers. You have seen it; I have seen it – someone goes viral and then bomb they are selling their items like the next hottest trend. 

What to actually focus on in your lead generation process

Before you craft the next reel to go viral, you want to focus on the three core pieces of lead generation: 

1. Clear ICA + Identifiers
2. Messaging that when you find the lead the tune in
3. Sales process that builds trust + get more clients saying yes

Clear Ideal Client

Speaking to everyone is speaking to no one. That more is better with the ideal client is actually what keeps more people broke. This is where someone gets stuck in the lead process, instead of finding viable leads. – you are looking at how to fit everyone in the box. 

To me, that is overwhelming. It’s like when you buy a new car, you notice you own a car everywhere. By being aware that it is your car because now you have to look for it in the parking lot, you can see it more. 

This is the same when you are clear and specific in your Idea Client. 

Things to get clear on when it comes to your Ideal Client 

  1. Their pains, fears, challenges, and solutions. Knowing the pains that they are having provides them a unique solution. When you know their problems while speaking to them, you provide a solution that they maybe haven’t thought of. 
  1. Knowing their buying habits because buying habitat can determine the difference between a Walmart ICA + Target ICA. Buying habits helps you meet them when they are starting the process, which helps you.
  2. Using Messaging that makes sense to them, avoiding jargon to appear more like an expert. Rule #1 of marketing — Never assume that your ideal client knows more than you think. It is better to over explain and educate, then to assume that they already know. No one will admit when they don’t know something. 

Which leads us to viral marketing + the biggest consideration of lead generation

Why virality isn’t actually the solution to making more money

While there is a time and place for going viral, where you want to pack your numbers is in your pipeline. In this case, a pipeline is ideal for clients who are close to buying or are close to buying. This idea keeps you in motion + seeing the process you want. Lead generation relies heavily on the flywheel effect. The flywheel once was a wheel that as you turn it, the wheel itself would gain speed and spin faster. When you enter this idea into lead generation, once you get in the habit of seeking others – you will soon stare at a google sheet full of names of QUALIFIED buyers who want to buy your products. 

Basic Considerations of Lead Generations 

  1. Not all leads are viable leads. What they focus on on the online space – big launches, sold out programs, not being able to launch. What they do not talk about – that maybe 100’s if not thousands of people were not considered viable leads for their program. One of the biggest myth I see in lead generation is that EVERYONE needs to be qualified for your services. Not all leads are viable leads because not everyone is a good fit for your programs. In fact, the average conversion is 20-30%
  2. Engagement occurs in the lead generation process. There is a vast confusion over engagement and the touch points. When you are engaging a lead, you are connecting with them. However, engagement alone is not the lead generation process. You cannot just talk to someone over and over and they buy your products.  Your ideal client’s brain has to create awareness around the problem and then seek a solution to it. Just talking to you doesn’t create an idea of a solution.
  3. If you master content, then you will not have to seek leads. Content is a marketing process, so yes, you can be able to find leads with it. However, content marketing alone is not a lead generation process. There is so much principle in being able to show Ideal clients how to solve their problems and your experience. Content marketing is a KEY piece in your marketing and sales process, but it will never be a replacement for a sales + marketing process.
  4. Passive lead generation > Active Lead Generation. That you can set up a Facebook ad and have 100’s of people opting in to your services over night is actually the product of good marketing. There is no version of lead generation that is better than the other. It just comes down to what process works for you and using active lead generation to refine your Ideal client for passive lead generation. 

For lead generation, we can refine your process. You have a system in your brain that is set up to find clear, specific things. Use this to find the right clients + help scale your business. 

The key to finding leads all the time – is to have a system set up like your RAS to always be looking for the right people + building that system to help you. What that looks like in your business, a clear ICA, a message that resonates with them and allows them to see the future, a way to pre-qualify (honestly) who this is for and who it isn’t for.

Lead generation takes two forms: the active form and the passive form.

Passive Lead Generation

Passive lead generation is like passive courses, it really isn’t as passive as you think it is. We see this through setting up Facebook ads that lead to an opt in, Pinterest pins that lead to an opt in – basically it is anything that you are not actually promoting that could capture an email list and help you grow your email list. This is something that eventually, through testing, will have landed the foundational work to allow it to run on its own. That you just collect the leads and then convert them into something else.

Before you Facebook Ad your way to a lead generation process 

Therefore, it feels so exclusive and elite to others. It’s the idea that you can sit back and have endless leads coming to you is the picture you want. 

To create passive lead generation, you must start with active lead generation. It has truly replaced the idea of prospecting in our online space.Prospecting is not the idea that you are seeking people who don’t want help and don’t want your products. We root the idea of prospecting in human nature that is to solve problems. That I can help you, I want to help you and to help you. Sometimes I have to find you first. This idea of active lead generation/ prospecting comes from the idea that you know people want to pay you in a way that is uncompromised no matter how many times you hear the word no, or you feel it is something that maybe someone doesn’t need 

Active Lead Generation

Active lead generation on Instagram and other forms of social media allow you to get you to your ICA sooner. It allows you to say that you see value in their problems and provide a solution to help them. At the core of what you do, this is to love/help and serve others. That comes with this can only be shown by believing in your solution so much that you are seeking others out. While this is the path less taken in the online space, the ideal client finds values in you seeking them out. What this is not – sending 100’s of cold dm’s saying “Hey I can help you!!!!” As humans, that feels like you aren’t actually looking at the idea to help us and more of the idea of how can you help yourself and what does that look like for you 

Why you struggle with active lead generation your business

If you struggle to include active lead generation in your business, the first place to start is always the time you are spending on Instagram. Most of the time, you are looking, scrolling and watching. This idea that you are engaging your ICA is more about the ego boost you get when you see they liked your comment or someone shares your content. The focus is finding people/ serving those people and understanding that if you truly believe in your products that you will take the time to find people to help with it. 

Without having a lead generation strategy that is rooted because you can find anyone anytime, then you are lost on the idea that your product can help someone. The root of your belief of your products is the key to a strong lead generation strategy. It is the idea that you can/ will help more and more people. That you will see someone who is struggling and say “I can help you with that.” and then actually be able to help them with that 

It only takes Five people a day

If you are struggling with lead generation, just start with finding and talking to five people each day. You can keep adding them to your list and watch how fast your list grows by just working with 5 people. It will surprise you how fast your sales grow because of lead generation.

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