Helping female entrepreneurs connect with their customers through repeatable marketing and sales strategies rooted in human psychology.

If you’re ready to effortlessly close high-ticket sales so you can cut months off your business timeline and create consistent income, you’re in the right place.

You aren’t the only person who thinks they suck at sales And the google searches on how to sign clients… aren’t adding up

From the outside, you see so many other experts growing their business but it leaves you with questions

How do I do that when I don’t have the same skills?
When do I *finally* become confident in my services?
Is there a way to sell that isn’t rooted in someone else?

I stood in your shoes in 2019. After getting fired from what I thought was my dream job, I set into the only space.

Being 9% with a biz degree, I felt like I KNEW things…. But I didn’t

I’ve been there with you

You are tired of feeling lost in your business with NO GPS to the nearest coffee shop

 Wondering if scaling means giving up your WHOLE life and spending more time selling

Or wondering what secret magical plan that everyone else has isn’t available to you


You can be YOURSELF in your business, feel confident in your current business and create your OWN pathway in your business

Not sure where to start?

Let me point you in the right direction

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Hi hi,

Hi, I’m Meghan I took my last $200 and turned it into a $200k business… and then burned that business down I never planned to be in sales, but here I am after 9 years and probably won’t leave.

I didn’t come out of the womb selling but having three older brothers taught me a thing or two about how to get my way. When I graduated in 2017, I thought I would trade my Colorado casual for a pant suit and a growing career. That quickly turned into management and getting fired after 11 grueling months.

But I was on to something when my clients started making more money.. So I ran head out into teaching more sales.

If you are sick and tired of being stuck in the same place, unsure how to scale your business, sign clients and enjoy .

I’m teaching you to ditch the sleaze, unaligned, and just flat out dumb sales advice. You in?



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Meghan is super practical, doesn’t teach a one-size-fits-all approach, and actually LISTENED to me instead of just coming at me with a cookie cutter strategy. It all felt very custom. Now seemed like the right time because it was clear that more information wasn’t going to help. I needed to get my thoughts out of my head and get another set of eyes on them so my next steps weren’t clouded by limiting beliefs or overwhelm.


What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying

Meghan helps you take your thoughts and ideas and put them into action! Her process around things is purposeful and strategic. I chose now because I wanted to get this launched before the summer and I knew if I drug my feet any longer I wouldn't create it. Meghan helped me organize my ideas and inspired me to take action. 

Kimi J 

What Others Are Saying

The first week I hired Meghan I made $14.5K in sales when I was out of a launch mode. She really teaches you how to effortlessly sell ALWAYS. The next time I did have a launch, I sold half of the spots before the launch began and made $19.6K in sales by the time the launch was over. She really helps you navigate every sales conversation and objection you could imagine.

Ashley M

What Others Are Saying

Meghan makes complex theories simple and always provides practical next steps to allow for immediate transformation to take place. She wants the best for her clients and uses her constant learning & development to positively impact every business that she touches

May J

What Others Are Saying

Selling has always scared me - until I met Meghan. I love her approach to sales, it’s effective without feeling pushy or sleazy and she is amazing at helping you pitch to clients. I have never been more confident selling to clients now that I have her support!


What Others Are Saying

You simply won’t find a more well rounded sales and marketing coach who KNOWS their stuff like Meghan does. Meghan teaches you how to lean into sales and actually enjoy it, rather than being fearful of the process or feeling icky about it. No matter what type of business you want to run, program you want to launch, product you want to market, person you want to talk to, this is the place for you.

Alli P