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Let’s be real: To be a successful business owner in any industry, you need to master sales.

I know, I know, sales isn’t the reason you got into business in the first place. You’re here to serve your clients with your unique skill set. But learning how to sell, and sell well, is what allows you to sustain the work you love long term.

With a holistic business strategy rooted in psychology, selling can look and feel like…

Solving someone’s problems—sans sleazy tactics like bait and switch
Treating people with respect and honesty in life and business
Remaining true to who you are and getting to do more of what you love

Sound too good to be true? Trust me, this transformation is real. And I’m handing you the roadmap.

 Real Info + Real Action = Real Results

I’m no math wiz, but I do know...

Steal my 10k sales script 

(mhm, you read that number right)

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The exact script I used to lock in multiple 10K clients and grow my business from 0 to 200k in 12 months flat.

Yes, it really works.

 Before I started working with Meghan I had a couple of really awesome launches, but I was really struggling to create consistent sales inside of my business. I didn't know how to sell everyday confidently. I was tired of depending on launches to grow my business. The first week I hired Meghan I made $14.5K in sales when I was out of a launch mode. She really teaches you how to effortlessly sell ALWAYS. The next time I did have a launch, I sold half of the spots before the launch began and made $19.6K in sales by the time the launch was over. She really helps you navigate every sales conversation and objection you could imagine. I've gone from depending on launches and feeling stuck in between to signing 7 clients in a single week just because I've gotten the feedback I need to feel confident in my daily sales activities. We've been working together for just 4 months and in that time I've made more than $50K in sales.

Ashley M.


If you’d told me two years ago I’d run a six-figure business helping other women grow profitable businesses and crush their goals, I’d have laughed. Loudly. In your face. I was stuck in a dead-end service job in the massage industry, knowing my true talents were in coaching but having no clue where to start, no industry connections, and $200 in my bank account. Through investing in psychology-based sales education and creating a repeatable strategy, I was able to build my business and hit multiple 6 figures in revenue in just one year. 

Hi hi, Meghan Lamle here.

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Business coach, growth specialist, sales expert.

Now I’m committed to helping you experience this same life-changing growth in your business through education and coaching. You ready?

I felt like I was chasing leads rather than having people flock to me for my help. 

Like you, I didn’t think one call could change anything. Then I used my own framework to close 18k on a Thursday and over 20k in sales on a Monday. 

You can get support and LAUNCH your business.

It’s time to stop rinsing and repeating what others are doing. To stop asking yourself what you’re doing wrong when it doesn’t work for you.

The original 90-day mini-mind  for women ready to sign more dream clients and scale to consistent $5k months.

This program is perfect for service-based female entrepreneurs with a strong business foundation who are already hitting consistent 2-3k months, and are ready to scale with the help of a seasoned mentor and a sales strategy that actually works. 


Scale to 5k ®



We’d be a great fit if...

“Hardworking” is your middle name. You’re self-motivated and clear about the direction you want to go.
You get stuff done and aren’t afraid of a little homework (no calculus, promise). 
You’re ready to SHOW TF UP, you just need guidance from a seasoned teacher who's been there, done that (I’m not just a cheerleader—I’m here to teach you).
You’re done playing small, under pricing your services, and staying in your comfort zone.


I joined Scale to 5k in the very beginning stages of my online business and it was by far the best decision I could have made! I made my ROI within the first 4 weeks and I have only been able to grow my business from there.

Hannah B 

Before Scale to $5k I didn’t have a sales process or confidence in my ability to sell high ticket. Now I know when I get on a call I can talk to anyone about the transformation they’re in for, and if they’re not ready they’re just coming back later. I’m now signing new clients each month with less stress because I’m confident in my abilities on my sales calls!

Taylor P

Before working with Meghan, I was really just patching things together with tape and hoping things would work with no plan. I created goals that were small but had no plan to reach them and often felt like I was doing a lot and getting 'not enough' in return for my (not strategic at all) efforts.
After working with Meghan, I feel like I have a totally different outlook and perspective of business. It's no longer just a side hustle or fun game - it's strategic BUSINESS that IS FUN.

Keri W,

Before working with Meghan, I was feeling very drained by my offers and the types of clients I was working with. I had been wanting to pivot my niche for months but kept putting it off due to being afraid. I was severely undercharging and wasn't able to bring in enough income to support my business each month.. While working with Meghan, I doubled my prices and signed a new 1:1 client within a month of working with Meghan. I also created a brand new offer for a brand audience (worth 4x a previous offer) and learned how to sell in a way that brings in recurring income every month. After launching my new offer, I was able to generate more income in one month than I did in the 6 months the previous.

Alyana K. 

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