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about the salesy podcast

Salesy with Meghan Lamle is a sales education podcast for the modern entrepreneur. Meghan is a sales expert of 8 years which allows her to lend her sales expertise to business owners like you. This podcast features weekly episodes with implementable sales skills, case studies, and behind the scenes of a six-figure business.

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Hey, I'm Meghan


If you’d told me four years ago, I'd have almost $200k launches, teaching 200+ women to grow their business and be able to make money whenever.... I'd say "Who me?"

I was stuck in a dead-end service job in the massage industry, and not ready to settle for a 9-5 life. 

I had no clue where to start, no industry connections, and $200 in my bank account.

Through investing in psychology-based sales education and creating a repeatable strategy, I was able to build my business and hit multiple 6 figures in revenue in just one year. 

Now it's your turn to build a profitable brand, be able to sell whatever, whenever and work waaay less.

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