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I remember when I used to think Sales had to be this sleezy, draining activity that never left me feeling great… and now Sales is what I live and Breath! I love it! She helped me fall in love with sales by understanding it and that’s the magic in what meghan does.

Lacey M. 

The first week I hired Meghan I made $14.5K in sales when I was out of a launch mode. She really teaches you how to effortlessly sell ALWAYS. The next time I did have a launch, I sold half of the spots before the launch began and made $19.6K in sales by the time the launch was over. She really helps you navigate every sales conversation and objection you could imagine.

Ashley M. 

I signed 3 clients in the month I worked with Meghan!!! And I now have people reaching out to inquire about my offer. I know how to confidently have a sales conversation, not waste my time chasing after people because I know there's plenty more where they came from, and I don't absolutely dread showing up everyday because my marketing efforts are actually paying off & wroth my time lol

Sarah C 

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Meghan is super practical, doesn't teach a one-size-fits-all approach, and actually LISTENED to me instead of just coming at me with a cookie cutter strategy. It all felt very custom. Now seemed like the right time because it was clear that more information wasn't going to help. I needed to get my thoughts out of my head and get another set of eyes on them so my next steps weren't clouded by limiting beliefs or overwhelm.

Andrea M

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Meghan helps you take your thoughts and ideas and put them into action! Her process around things is purposeful and strategic. I chose now because I wanted to get this launched before the summer and I knew if I drug my feet any longer I wouldn't create it. Meghan helped me organize my ideas and inspired me to take action. 

Kimi J 

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Sam Jaras

Productivity Coach & Systems Expert

Before working with Meghan, I have been “good” at sales for as long as I could talk - But I knew that something was missing. I needed refinement and accountability to actually make sure that the goals I was setting were actually getting MET and some encouragement along the way. Meghan helped me SO much with both and the results have been incredible.

After I joined CSS, Some of the most immediate wins were that my sales process time went from 4+ hours of stress a day to about an hour or LESS of intentionally strategic action that Actually moved the needle for me. Which gave me hours in my day back for myself and my family. That’s invaluable to me. AND I am finding new ways to market myself and have FUN doing it again instead of just creating to create on the wheel.

Kirah Wilson

Director of Operations

Before working with Meghan, I had a lot of limiting beliefs around sales. I also had a ton of resistance around building a social media presence for my business and showing up online. I was only making sales through referrals and wasn’t sure how to sell new offers since clients were coming to me for a very specific offer. My business felt very limited. In terms of sales, I was bringing in about $3-4K per month consistently.

During the program, I have achieved my highest sales months ever. I raised my prices and have achieved $5-7K months consistently and am projected to be hitting consistent $10K months before the program ends. My mindset has completely shifted around sales and starting sales conversations is easy and doesn’t feel gross. I know I can make money anytime. The CSS Slack community is very high energy. Being surrounded by other business owners who are growing and winning has really raised my confidence levels.

Brianna Clayton

Agency Owner

Meghan approached me when I truly, TRULY, felt so fucking lost in my biz. I had very little $$ to my name, I felt lost, and I hadn’t sold anything in around 9 months. I was a Retreat Planner at that time, which lasted about 30 days after joining CSS. I had a short convo with Meghan, and because I’ve seen how she worked in the past, it was a no brainer. I knew that she knew her shit, she had been through similar things to me.

Since I started working with Meghan, Quitting retreat planning and truly finding my passion in DFY work again. Hitting a $12k month. Hitting a $10k month within 30 days of joining. Selling with EASE. - Understanding the dynamics of marketing and making bomb fucking content. - Dipping my foot in coaching (soon to be deeper in coaching). - & soooo much more.


Brand & Website Designer

Before working with Meghan, I knew I was awful at sales. And when Meghan was talking to me in the DM’s it felt natural and I wanted to be able to sell like that too.

Since working with meghan, It’s rapidly growing! I’m signing clients months in advance and I have people I’m constantly talking to who are not only interested in my services but excited to work with me!

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