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October 26, 2023

“I could cry I never had this much money in my account before” came through on my Voxer App.

The Problem

Client K had been in the online space looking than I had. In fact, in my early days – I invested in her program. But when she slid in one day – It was clear she needed one thing to change in her Business ASAP

So many of you feel the same way, you NEED to learn sales but the idea of it is hard. You say “I don’t want to be sleazy, icky, or gross.” but this myth of sales having to be icky is just a myth.

On top of that – Client K ghosted IG every time she booked her clients, so there was no consistency…. plus she was undercharging.


Hit a $5k CASH month and started offering mentorship to designers using her streamlined methods. (PS We did more than that)

Using the Scale to $5k Framework

In 90 days of working together using the Scale to $5k Framework, Client K was able to:

  • Raise her existing prices to serve fewer clients and Pay herself a better salary
  • Book out her services and create a waitlist for future clients
  • Showed up consistently on Instagram even when she was fully booked (and in a way that showcased her personality)
  • Using her Call to action on stories as sales calls to start booking more sales calls
  • . Having a proven process to close on the sales call and collect the right information. This wasn’t a discovery call, free call, or connection call. This was someone showing interest in her services and she qualified them.
  • closing on the sales calls at 90% higher
  • Creating a consistent content schedule to allow her to be able to have content posted while she was on calls with her clients

Notes on Sales

Whether you are selling mentorship, services, or even passive offers. Sales don’t change when you are an OSP or coach. Sales don’t change when you go from high ticket to low ticket

Sales is Sales.

What would you do if you sold all of your spots and were finally booked out?


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case studies, Scale to $5k Case Studies




Making $5k Sales Days with a Small Audience – Client K

Hi hi,

Hi, I’m Meghan I took my last $200 and turned it into a $200k online business coaching practice … and then burned that business down I never planned to be in sales, but here I am after 9 years and probably won’t leave.

I didn’t come out of the womb selling but having three older brothers taught me a thing or two about how to get my way. When I graduated in 2017, I thought I would trade my Colorado casual for a pant suit and a growing career. That quickly turned into management and getting fired after 11 grueling months.

But I was on to something when my clients  started making more money.. So I ran head out into teaching more sales.

If you are a female entrepreneurs who is  sick and tired of being stuck in the same place, unsure how to scale your business, sign clients and enjoy .

I’m teaching you to ditch the sleaze, unaligned, and just flat out dumb sales advice. You in?


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