How To Handle Objections In Sales Calls



December 29, 2021

What are Objections in Sales Calls?

Objections in Sales Calls are simply fear that is coming from your ideal client but some of the common ones you may encounter:

  • not the best time
  • not in the budget
  • Waiting to talk to a business partner or spouse
  • Wanting to wait for a better time

How to Use Sales Calls in Your Business?

Sales calls ARE a part of business and if you can master them, you’ll be even more unstoppable in the online space. This is an opporutnity for you to get to know a future client and vice versa. While it’s popular to only do sales in the DMS (or any messaging based platform)

Sales calls allow you to build trust, and rapport, and qualify your client. During the call process, you are able to uncover any objections and handle them right then and there.

Use a Script

A lot of people love the idea of just “going with the flow” or trusting that they’ll be able to handle whatever comes at them on the spot when they’re leading a sales call. More often than not, it doesn’t lead to closed sales.

This happened a lot at my old job when I worked for a large massage chain. We were told to pitch every day over the phone, and the people who didn’t use a sales script on their calls were never the top closers. Guess who was a top closer?

Me and my co-workers who also used sales scripts. 

So many people bash scripts – “they’re too stiff” or “I don’t like feeling restricted by them” are complaints I hear a lot. But in reality, our brains LOVE habit and consistency. Once you have it memorized and know it like the back of your hand, it comes out like second nature and it won’t seem scripted at all. Take the initiative to learn it inside and out so that you could sell to anyone at any time – even someone approaching you at a coffee shop. 

If you don’t have a sales script yet, I’ve made this 10k Sales Script just for you. Snag this download and go through and customize it so that it tells your potential client who you are, what product or service you offer, and the problem you solve and solution you bring

Revisit your Process

Now, within your script, you need to have a process that leads your potential client from beginning to end – the beginning being the getting to know them phase, and the end being an actual SALE. 

You have to bring the client all the way through the call from start to finish:

  • Getting to know them and their business
  • They re-admit the struggle they’re having in their own worlds
  • They tell you what solutions they’ve tried that are not working to get them to where they want to go
  • You pitching your offer and closing the sale 

That last point is key. It’s hard to close more sales calls if you’re not PITCHING your offer hard and collecting a payment. There are so many people in the space who say they don’t know how to transition into the collecting payment part. The thing is, if you don’t ask for the sale, the answer is always no…

Always Pitch in your Sales Calls

And remember, people aren’t paying you to be their friend, which is why I don’t like calling them “Discovery Calls.” Yes, you’re learning about who they are, but the getting to know them part is for the purpose of pitching and selling to them. You are the expert they are seeking out. 

Handle the Objection(s) In the Sales Calls

Objections are fears arising within the potential client on the other end of the call. 

Humans prefer to exist in a safe bubble. When we venture outside to something new, our response is to assume that it’s scary and our brains attempt to keep us in that bubble where safety won’t be disrupted.

Inside of business, you may never get totally comfortable with fear, but you can recognize it as something that simply comes up because you’re taking on something new and different, not as something that’s detrimental to you. This is important to understand when you are on sales calls with clients bringing up their own objections. 

Your application should actually let you know what objections are going to come up before you even hop on the sales call. If they say on the application that they aren’t ready to make the 4-figure investment, I’m not going to get on that call. It’s not my job to tell someone how to spend their money if they aren’t in a place to do so. 

However, if someone says yes and I give different pricing options, I have to be able to handle objections to those various prices. 

It doesn’t have to be a battle to overcome the objections – you can show them what’s possible and empower them to make the best decision possible. That’s why I call it objection “handling” rather than overcoming objections. 

It’s not about forcing the potential client into a decision, but helping them see what their options are and what would benefit them the most. 

Closing Thoughts

I’ll leave you with this one thought – You need to focus on the calls you have and close every single one of those calls, rather than trying to rack up a huge number of leads possible and only closing 10-20% of them. 

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How do you feel about sales calls? Or, if you’ve improved at them, what’s been the most helpful tip you’ve learned? 





How To Handle Objections In Sales Calls

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