How to Launch and Sell Out a Group Coaching Program



December 29, 2021

In case you hadn’t heard, group coaching is where it’s at. Now let’s talk about how to sell a group program and actually make money on the dang thing!

A group program is a great way to bring a lot of people in without the time commitment of a 1:1 offer. If you are an online coach looking to grow your income and you’ve maxed out your 1:1 spots, this is the opportunity you need to jump on next!

For years now, we’ve nailed it into the consumers’ heads that 1:1 online coaching is the best route to take if they want to see true results. But we all know that group coaching is POWERFUL and just as effective (if not even more so for some!) 

Now, we have to retrain them to see the benefits of joining a community program. I love my 1:1 girls, but there’s so much more power in learning inside of a group of women with similar goals. So now, you have to shift your marketing to allow these programs to stand out on their own. 

When I started out in the online space, I did not have money for a 1:1 coach, so I started out in the group program. This was so beneficial for someone like me to thrive in a community. 

  1. Sell the GROUP, not you and your framework.

One of the most common mistakes I see with selling group programming is entrepreneurs selling themselves and their framework, rather than the group aspect of the program itself.  

When you open up a group program, you are giving women an opportunity to collaborate with other women who have similar goals, struggles, and dreams. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, so a community is going to be invaluable to help them grow their business. You need peers when you’re discouraged. THIS is what you should emphasize when you promote your group program!

  1. Utilize a presale or waitlist strategy

Personally, I don’t do waitlists leading up to a launch because it’s time consuming and not enjoyable for me. It’s not my personality to tease and wait, so I utilize presales instead! This also allows me to make money right away and get people inside ASAP rather than putting them on a waitlist that’s non-committal. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s the beauty of running a business – you get to choose what works best for you!

Now, once the doors to my program close, we do have a waitlist that we nurture through emails until the doors open again. And then guess what? We do a preseale with a bonus a month before the program goes live again. 

And speaking of bonuses…

  1. Offer bonuses.

What will your audience jump on? This creates an incentive for them to bite, especially if they’re really on the fence about joining the program. 

  1. Consider your timeline 

If this is the first time you’re launching a specific program you have to ramp the shit up out of this thing!

My first post for Scale to $5k was 45 days BEFORE I launched it. Yes, 45 days. When the program launched, it wasn’t a shock to people. They knew what I did, who I was, what I was about and wha tI wanted to help them with. They knew I understood them and their needs. 

The average consumer needs to see something 8-20 times before they buy. So, tease it, talk about it often, pepper it inside of everything you share – videos, posts, whatever. Make sure you’re letting people know who you are, what you do, and how you help them on a regular basis. 

  1. Keep your expectations realistic and positive

Don’t expect to sell 50 spots or compare your launches to other people’s launches. Give yourself a realistic number you want to hit and realize that even if you don’t hit that financial number, bringing 5-6 women inside of an online group coaching space right now is incredible. Before I created a $27k launch, I had a $15k launch of just 1×1 coaching. Launches can grow over time.

  1. In a mid-launch slump? 

Here’s an idea: I did a Q&A call during the middle of my launch and it created a stupid amount of money. Go ahead and do something a little extra where you can serve your people, create a buzz around the launch and talk to your ideal clients in an intimate setting and sell. 

If you are ready to start launching and selling out any program – Launching is taught inside of Scale to $5k

Scale to $5k

This six-month group program focuses on the foundation of your business to scale to six figures and multiple six figures. 

This is for you if: 

  • you desire to sign clients, launch a high ticket offer 
  • You want to master sales + knowing sales beyond just the basics
  • And you want the foundations to grow your business

What you will learn in six months:

  • Creating content that converts and consistently nurtures
  • How to CRUSH your sales calls and conversations 
  • Building a profitable product suite (yes, service pros you too) 
  • How to speak to your ideal client that can create the 24-hour conversion you see every where

What you get 

  • Three coaching calls a month with your community 
  • My eyes on whatever you are working on with the project review call
  • Targeted education to sign clients, create content, have an EASY af launch 
  • Course portal that has more than enough to help you learn
  • Access to NEW programs that help move the needle forward
  • and AMAZING community cheering you on 

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How to Launch and Sell Out a Group Coaching Program

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