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December 29, 2021

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in business and launching is that fear will hold us back. If you don’t acknowledge that fear, you’re going to keep heading in the wrong direction. 

My Scale to $5k launch was amazing, but it definitely showed me the right direction I need to go with my courses in the future. Let’s go over the numbers, as well as what worked and what didn’t before I jump into what’s coming next (hint: those of you wanting more buyer psychology and to grow your business to consistent $5k months are about to get even better offers coming your way).

Here’s a recap for you:

The Numbers

After the launch of Scale to $5k, my take home cash was a little over $7k. Here’s the thing with passive products that people don’t realize: Yes, that is my cash, but we have to factor in the business overhead, which is around $8-12k every month for me. Between coaching, my team, graphic designer, and a Pinterest coach, there are a lot of moving parts inside of my business that make up my monthly expenses. 

Conversion Events 

The first freebie I did as a part of my conversion event was the Signature Sales Script. I had that freebie live for 10-12 days and I had 334 opt-ins with a 37% conversion rate. I picked this topic for a freebie because it answered an important question: “What information do I want them to come to the table with before we go into Scale to $5k?” I wanted them to know that scripts can help them grow their business, and this led nicely into the overall outcome they wanted out of Scale to $5k.

I dropped this freebie into every Facebook group I could think of, which was super important for getting the number of opt-ins I had. You want to make sure each time you post about your freebie or an offer, it’s written for that community specifically and those are groups you’ve been active in – posting, going Live, commenting, and sharing before. 

My goal has always been to build a business that is sustainable and creates an impact. Having conversations and building your network in groups like this is so important in order to make that happen. 

After they opted in, I redirected them to my Facebook group and Pinterest with my second email in the sequence. Then, they got an authority building freebie with two additional videos on FAQs of sales calls and a live sales call with a client of mine. The freebie and the free lessons built my email list up to 600 people. 

Giving an actual piece of the program for free was the second part of this. A free lesson through the endowment effect creates ownership. I had 160 people join in a two-hour period. I ended up closing at 19 women, and 7 of them joined on the last day. 

What Worked in the Launch

  1. Teasing the offer. I had countdowns and I talked about it over and over. My content on all fronts supported it and called out a lot of the pain points this program was going to address.
  2. The freebie and free lesson grew my email list so fast – over 600 people! And I gained over 1000 new followers on Instagram.
  3. I extended my cart through the weekend, but I released an objection handling piece that so many people related to and needed. 
  4. I kept a strong lead tracker and directly asked people who viewed the sales page why they hadn’t bought yet. I didn’t beat around the bush. 
  5. This was one of those defining launches where I began to be recognized by my peers. To have people you admire turn your faces to me and say “you’re the sales expert.”

What Didn’t Work 

  1. Not promoting my waitlist or creating a strong waitlist strategy. This is super important because it creates exclusivity and a pool of leads to pull from. 
  2. Opening my cart on Wednesday vs. Monday. I should have opened it on a Monday, especially since I’m not as active on social media on the weekends. 
  3. I had to learn how to build a launch and hand it off to my Online Business Manager to execute it. This is something I continue to learn how to build things to hand them off and still have them done to the standard that I want.
  4. The name of this program hindered a lot of people who wanted this information.

The Future of Scale to $5k

Scale to $5k is something I’ve been building since October of 2019. It was built from the demand to know how I grew to consistent $5k months in my first 90 days and a 6-figure business in less than a year. 

Buyer’s psychology and sales psychology are both a huge part of your business and I saw that gap in the market, but I was scared to separate them into two different programs. Really this was doing them a disservice because they’re both such in-depth topics on their own.

That said, the buyer’s psychology portion will become its own course that will be released in September 2020 and will go super deep into this topic alone. This will even go into consumer behavior and other aspects of this. 

Scale to $5k will finally become the program it was meant to be: An A-Z guide on how to become a coach and hit a consistent $5k month, scale your services, and how the heck you actually run a coaching business. Mark your calendars, August 3rd. She is coming back 

There’s so much in the online business world about how to sign clients, build an offer, how to market your services, etc. but no one teaches you how to actually coach someone – handling clients who don’t want it as bad as you, how to push them and pull back and when you need to, the actual COACHING side of coaching. 

Stay tuned for the launch details on both of these programs! 

What questions do you have about launching for me? What has your launching experience been like?





Scale to $5k launch recap

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