What you have created is impressive

Enter your new season of overflow 


And you aren’t slowing down anytime soon

At this point in your business, you have probably been around the block of programs. You’ve invested in 

Group programs to start and scale your business

→ Networking events, memberships, and paid communities to collaborate

→ Maybe even team members to start outsourcing, working less, and making more 

But even with your massive vision, your growth, and the ability to put action behind your words - you feel like something is missing in this next era of your business 

(and that era includes overflow in all you do) 

In case you missed the memo, what you want isn't a pipe dream

(and your 2025 business outline includes this type of overflow)

You can scale to $50k months, while making sure you work with ONLY dream clients who light your soul on fire (and increase your profit margin)

You can step into the visionary CEO role of your business, while working on the project you love 

You can squash the narrative that it’s lonely at the top, and have a group of other women business owners celebrating your new growth 

And most importantly - you can have every night, weekend, and vacation you have on your vision board for 2024 (euro trip anyone?)

And you don’t have to wait for 2025, to go viral on TikTok or anything else that you think is holding you back 

Whether your dream is to build a massive agency, become the IT coach of 2024, create more passive income through the launch of your digital products 

2024 is your year of overflow in your life, business, and anywhere else your impact touches 


Mastermind (noun):

a person with an outstanding intellect

Notice it doesn’t say a group program with modules, videos, and an overwhelming amount of busy work disguised as a way to scale. 

You are the mastermind in your business, it’s time to find your fellow biz besties who will be at the top with you 

Your year long mastermind with your 6 other advisors to grow your business (while doing life and business with other people)


This program is

→ One (90) minute call with Meghan Monthly MINIMUM, so you can get customized strategy for your next highest income month
→ 3 Group Hot Seat calls with your fellow mission members, to get your questions answer, learn anything new + just a check-in point 

→ One Hypnotherapy session with Certified and business Coach Addison Bowen 

→ Quarterly call with a Financial expert to help you manage the money you are now making 

→ One panel style call each month to help each other 

→ Unlimited Material Review (sales pages, sales conversations, emails, captions) from Meghan 

→ Group and Private Slack Access for the in-between staying on mission, last minute questions and more 

Extra intimate experiences (of course) to make this the most transformative chapter of your business- including TWO 5-day inclusive retreats








  • you want ONE mentor for long term big impact 
  • You have hit the $10k plateau 
  • You need customized support, and a good group of other business owners
  • You can find yourself contributing to the group 
  • It’s a stretch to invest, but not a strain 
  • You haven’t had support in a while, so maybe it’s time 
  • You are ready to scale your sales operations and marketing 
  • You are AWARE of the impact you are wanting to create in the next 12 months 
  • You like to travel and want to attend the retreat 


  • You are making less than $10k monthly (we have a program for that) 
  • You are making more than $50k a month 
  • You don’t find yourself being called to a group at this stage of business 
  • You have a clear plan, you know what you want and you just need accountability 
  • This investment would cause strain in your life (including your personal finances)
  • You just aren’t ready for any reason under the sun and that is okay

Hey, I'm Meghan

6 months into my business, I hit $10k month, and had my first 100k in sales two months after that… my first calendar year was $220k CASH 

And then burned it down. 

Because the same reason you started your business, is the same reason I started. And the done-for-you methods weren’t helping me scale

So when I came back after 5 months off, I promised to make money on my terms. And since then I’ve created over $300k in sales, launched a membership, and FINALLY cracked a code on scaling a business

My goal is simple. 

Help you make more money, and never take your free time away 

You in?


I'm Addison, your ct. hypnotherapist & business mentor and help my clients create wild "unrealistic" success in their businesses through the power of the subconscious mind and business strategy.

Between hitting over $150k in my first year of coaching, doubling that in year two... and helping my clients go from $0-$5k in 10 weeks and hit their first $25k month... I know a thing or two about the integration of REAL, deep subconscious work & actual business strategy.

Addison Bowen Hypnotherapist


Alli is the founder and CEO of FinanciALLI Focused, a financial literacy company helping people create a flexible financial plan they can actually stick to (no deprivation here). She has helped hundreds of people pay off debt, build savings, spend on what they value, invest, and feel confident with their finances.

Alli’s work has been featured on Business Insider, Nerdwallet, Channel 7 News, and more. Alli has her MBA in Finance and lives in South Carolina with her husband and 2 sons. She spends her time at football games (Go Gamecocks!) and with a Starbucks latte in her hand.

Alli Williams





You hyper-fixate on sales pages and read everything. I can bet you read your cereal box as a kid. While you are looking for a secret answer to whether or not you should do it.. That is your choice to make