How I closed $37.5k in sales in August 2020



December 29, 2021

A lot of times in the online business space, we think we need to sell a lot of low-ticket offers (passive products, smaller packages, whatever it might be) to make a big income. I don’t buy into this.  

And how do you sell those high-ticket offers

The same ways I was able to make $37.5k in my business for August 2020:

Showing up on video and constantly talking about your offers OFTEN.

Up through the end of August, I was on Instagram or on a FB Live or in my email inbox talking about my offer over and over, every single day since June – that’s three months straight of selling.

I also started selling on all of my channels, not just Instagram, but harder in my Facebook group and in emails. This allowed for more growth because I hit a wider spread of my ideal clients with the offer they needed!

Now, what exactly brought in nearly $38k in revenue for my business?

First off, we relaunched my Scale to $5k program! However, in that, I found that there were many female entrepreneurs who wanted to work with me, but were past that $5k point, or just wanted more high-level support. They’re scaling at a rapid rate through group coaching, new offers, and really want to get to that $10k per month spot. 

So, this led me to opening my 1:1 coaching option back up temporarily – and this is a 5-figure sale. I signed two of these clients during the month of August to make up $24k of the $37.5k. This is a high-level, 6-month container that’s meant to transform your business in an intimate setting. Typically, the women I work with in this container are already at a place where they’re making $5k a month consistently. 

The remaining $13.5k came from Scale to $5k and payment plans. 

Now, you might be wondering, how the hell do I make this happen in my own business? Maybe you didn’t have the August you were hoping for financially or you’re frustrated with where things are at. 

We need to get you set up for success with SOLID goals at the beginning of each month – but really, you can set these goals at any time. And those goals need to first look at your selling. 

If you’re not selling in your business, you just have an expensive hobby. 

Give yourself permission to actually show up and sell. 

Talk about your offers over and over and over.

You have to continue to intrigue people and give them little bits and pieces. Don’t just pop up one day and talk about your offer. A high-earning month comes from the way you set you and your business up in the months prior by showing up on the REG. 

Now that we’ve got that covered…Setting Your Monthly Business Goals:

If you’ve never sold on IG Stories before and now you tell yourself you’re going to show up for the next 30 days and talk about your offer every single time, is this realistic? Maybe, but there’s a mental game you’re going to have to play because you don’t have an awareness pool of people built up and you have to push yourself to be there every day no matter what. 

Lacking accountability creates a cycle of “I’m going to start next month.” If you don’t have a coach or mentor keeping you accountable, I highly recommend taking that step. If you can’t, you need a solid approach that you can turn to at the beginning of every month and a way of checking in with yourself each week.

Let’s walk through how to build your S.M.A.R.T. goals for your online coaching business:


When it comes to making revenue-based goals, they truly have to be specific. Saying I want to sell more and book out my 1:1 program isn’t specific. 

Specific is: “I have 5 spots for 1:1 and I’m going to book them out at $X by this date.”

It’s way easier to see yourself doing it when the details are specific. You need to tell yourself on a subconscious level what’s going to happen so you can take action on the conscious level. 


The measurable is the money coming in, but I also want you to focus on tapping into the feeling you want to have inside of your business. So, check in with yourself each week:

How are you feeling? Is this what you want to be doing 5-10 years from now? What’s happening for me inside my body? What’s working and what’s not working?

If you don’t like the answers to these things, it might be time to pivot. 


If you’ve never sold a program before or just started your business, it’s safe to say we’re probably not going to see a $10k or $20k month right out of the gate. You’re not going to sign 50 people in a group program when you’ve only booked three 1:1 clients ever. 

You’ll get there, but do yourself the mental favor so you’re not hustling to hit levels that you’re not ready for yet. Maybe you won’t fill to double digits, but if you sign even just 2 (or more) people, guess what? You have a group! 

Start there and don’t try to hustle your way past the normal growing pains of a business.  


When I think about relevancy I think about your “why.” Why are you doing this? What is this money going to do for you? Let me tell you this: Money only amplifies the state that you’re in, so if you’re miserable and unhappy and don’t enjoy your life or your business, money isn’t going to help. 

I do this because I want to help female entrepreneurs like you be able to do whatever the fuck you want. If you want to make more money that’s fine, but have a reason why! You can hustle hard and work hard but you can’t get back time with family members or ruined friendships because your work was more important. Make sure it matters for a reason.


When it comes to our goals, we have to set how long we want something to take. Do you want to fill a 1:1 so you can and do another launch that allows you to downsell into another program to open up intensives? What do you want to do in your business that will allow you to grow? 

Once you know what that structure looks like, you need to set up a timeline and make sure you know exactly what you’re promoting and when so you can still meet your revenue goals. 

Remember, your audience needs to see something 8-20 times before they buy, and humans need to be pushed. Women are extrinsically motivated – not scared into a decision, but pressure to move. That can look like one final spot open or not making your offer available all of the time. 

Now if you’re someone who is currently undercharging, the “time” portion of your goal setting needs to include when you’ll be raising your prices so you can make more and work less! We don’t want you to have to sign 15 clients to hit that first $5-$10k month! Tell your audience that prices are going up after a certain point so they need to buy now if they want to snag the lower rate. 

So if you have your goals or even if you’re struggling to come up with goals, leave it in the comments below! 

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How I closed $37.5k in sales in August 2020

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