Creating A Realistic Sales Plan for The Month



August 4, 2022

Every month I bet you have the same goal: Sign More Clients

So, you make a plan to sell anywhere and everywhere…but then the 15th of the month rolls around and your hours of planning turn into waiting for the perfect moment to sell.

HINT: there is no perfect moment to sell 

Here are three tips to successfully create a sales plan that you can stick to:

  1. Be realistic when you plan

The best plans include those bad days when you’re not wanting to show up front-facing and talk about your offer. So be honest with yourself when you’re planning on the ‘how’ and ‘when’ you’re going to show up. 

If you aren’t on all the channels already, this month isn’t the month to do it.

 Plan 2-3 days that you are showing up and pitching FULL FORCE. 

  1. Define one offer to talk about

It takes the average customer 20 times to hear something before they decide to act upon it. So focus on filling your highest ticket offer first and focus solely on that offer before going off and talking about everything else that you offer. 

If someone inquires and they don’t quite fit the criteria you’re looking for with that offer, you can always upsell/down-sell them to another offer of yours that fits their needs.

  1. Make a script  

You don’t want to seem robotic or like you’re reading off a script, but this will stop you from rambling or recording over and over. Write out your pitch and what exactly it is you want to say and go off of that.

PRO TIP: if you are pressed for time, you can batch record and caption, so all you have to do is post 

What makes you hesitate when you know this is what you need to be doing?





Creating A Realistic Sales Plan for The Month

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