Growing from $0 to $10k Months



August 4, 2022

10k Months has become the solution to everyone’s problems.

I feel like everywhere I turn, everyone is talking about how they can take you from $0 to $10k with some magic formula. It’s like every problem you are having can be solved by this. 

However, I don’t believe that more money is always the solution. 

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, having enough money is a need that needs to be met.

 And as a sales coach, I feel that I should be fully transparent with you. 

A 10k launch doesn’t mean 10k months. It doesn’t mean that there is going to be a 10k paycheck deposited into your account.

If you’re at a place in a business where you need to make more money, find what a good number is for you to pay all your bills AND enjoy your life. Don’t attach 10k as the solution. 

But here’s the real ‘how to’ on scaling and what it looks like:

(PS this is consistent 10k months, not a one-and done) 

  1. Clear foundations in your business 

You may roll your eyes at this but, there are three things you will need. A clear offer, a clear ideal client, and having the sales skills to sell this offer. Your sales skills are going to be what converts the client! Your marketing is what brings them into your realm. This allows you to build more offers and truly create that accentuation point in your business.

  1. A marketing plan that you stick to

There shouldn’t be any, ‘showing up and trying one tactic for a day and then throwing in the towel and saying that sales don’t work because you didn’t see an instant result. 

At HQ (aka my office), I/the team tries something for 90 days before we decide that it’s not the right solution.

In your marketing plan, you should have a launch period planned out. I know you think launching is scary and hard but that cash infusion is needed, and sticking to that plan is crucial. 

  1. Having a base income 

No one wants to start from scratch every single month. It’s easier to make more money when you already have a base income to start on.  In Scale to $5k, I teach you how to build those consistent 5k months, so that you can launch on top of that. 

Having a baseline of 5k every month makes it easier to go from 5k months to 10k than $0k to 10k. But base income comes from payment plans. Listen, I love those paid in full as much as you do, but recurring income helps create those higher cash months. Make sure you are creating a mix between payment plans and those cash-heavy paid in full every month.

If this sounds like something you are struggling with, Scale to $5k is back for presale





Growing from $0 to $10k Months

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