Attracting your ideal client is only part of the solution. 



August 4, 2022

Attracting your ideal client is BEYOND showing up and being consistent in your business. I’m sure you heard the same advice I always did when I started,  “Show up and be consistent” “Give value before you pitch” “Build community before you start selling” 

Then as the space grew, it became the focus on attracting your ideal client through your content. 

And I’m sure it made you wonder where exactly the process of signing the client went and what happened after you had attracted them!

Instead of waiting for them to ask you, “how can I  work with you?”,

Here are 3 ways to figure out who is READY to be pitched to and when to pitch to them

  1. The warmest leads are consuming all your content on every platform

Your warmest leads will be consuming you on ALL your platforms that they know of. Make a list of who is watching your stories, liking your pots, DM you. Then, take that list to your other platforms, they will have the same behaviors in your FB group, email list and etc 

  1. If you are asking yourself, “Should I pitch them?” 

The answer is always yes, you are aware of the solution and how you help them. You have down all the work to get them to a place that you can pitch them 

  1. You pitched them before and need to follow up

If you have pitched them before, you can follow up and see where they are at. If they haven’t changed things, then they are likely in the same position as before 

By this point, you should have MORE than enough leads on your list to be able to get the right clients into your offer.

Once you start pitching to them it’s important that you get them onto a sales call. They’re perfect for human to human connection and getting answers the same day. 

If sales calls aren’t your strong suit, Sales call mastery focuses on the sales psychology needed to create confidence in your sales calls. 

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Attracting your ideal client is only part of the solution. 

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