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August 4, 2022

What is Lead Generation

Lead Generation is how you generate leads for your business with the intention of creating paying customers. The system I am breaking down today can simply be used in a google sheet.

Why a Lead Generation System?

Early on in my business I would mentally keep track of everyone who was interested in my business which became exhausting! This was my system that was allowing me to sign clients, but people were failing through the crack

I needed a system to allow me to keep track of my cold, warm and hot leads. 

Listen, I know this is the last thing you want to do. You’re reading this saying “I don’t have time for this but I know that I need sales”. Lead Generation is a VITAL process to keeping the flow of sales in your business.

The System I used in my business

Your sales process needs to be easy enough to allow you to move a cold lead into warm/hot to create conversion. 

My ideal client hangs out on Instagram, so some of these will apply to Instagram. 

When my lead asks me about a service or I get the feeling that they would be a good fit, I flag them in my DMs (which doesn’t report them or let them know) to allow me to add them to a lead tracker. 

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How I categorize my leads

Cold Someone who I have never talked to but fits my ideal client Avatar, or I’ve introduced myself to. This is not someone who is ready for a pitch, so DON’T PITCH THEM. 

WarmA cold lead who I have started building a personal connection with. This is someone who I am getting to know but is NOT ready for a pitch. Keep building a personal connection and work on figuring out their struggle so you can eventually pitch to their struggle. 

HotThese are my spicy hot leads who have been pitched to or are ready for a pitch. My typical sales cycle is 90 days, so I have been talking to them for that time period. This is someone who I REGULARLY interact with. 

With this system I am able to understand where the lead is and who I need to engage with on a daily basis.  

When someone is a cold lead that doesn’t always mean it will convert into a hot lead. 

People buy from people, so understand that they may vibe with someone else and that is 110% OKAY. Our ideal client buys from us.

Here’s how I engage with an ideal client in multiple ways: 

  • Engaging with their content asking them questions about it 
  • Regular DM conversation about personal life and business 
  • Watching their stories and actively participating in what they’re posting/talking about

When thinking about your ideal client, you want to create boundaries to protect yourself.

Tip: If your metrics aren’t being tracked, then you will not understand your conversion rate, so make sure you’re tracking regularly . 

P.S Regular tracking of leads will allow you to understand how you can turn a cold lead into an invoice paying hot one. 





Lead Generation Systems

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