How I signed my first four-figure client


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August 4, 2022

I see you struggling to sign clients. 

I know the feeling of talking about your offers, watching your stories to see who voted in your polls, and wondering how in the heck others do it. 

Those emotions were raw during my transition into coaching and signing my first client. 

During my first launch, I talked for SIX weeks about my 1:1 program. It was a four-week intensive that was meant for an early-stage VA, OBM, and SMM who were struggling to sign clients for Instagram. I had tried signing clients for coaching before and signed my first client at $200 for two calls a month. 

I thought coaching was just about the calls but it was so much more than that. After making my first investment, I saw how important the calls were. I also realized the importance of the support that came with it though. 

I knew and appreciated that feeling so much and I wanted to provide that to someone else. So, I was hoping to fill my first offer. 

The first week, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait for someone to join my program, I was ready to give them the skills to start signing clients. 

This went on for SIX weeks. Part of me started questioning, “Was I cut out for coaching?” “What if no one came into my offer?” The other part of me held on for that one person. 

After promoting for six weeks, I signed my first coaching client who paid me four figures. 

It took me 35 times to talk about my offer before signing a client. 

If you are stuck then listen up, you need to show up EVERYDAY for her. 

When it is tough, she is watching and waiting for permission to join your program or outsource to you. Just remember that she is watching and waiting for that sign. 

Marketing, Sales




How I signed my first four-figure client

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