How to sign your first client


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August 4, 2022

I see you struggling to sign clients. 

I know the feeling of talking about your offers, watching your stories to see who voted in your polls, and wondering how in the heck others do it. 

For most business owners, the question is WHEN are you going to sign your first client. And HOW is everyone else doing it.

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During my first launch, I talked about my offer for SIX weeks. for SIX weeks about my 1:1 program. I was doing all the “right things” but still getting stuck in it.

The first week, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait for someone to join my program, I was ready to give them the skills to start signing clients. 

This went on for SIX weeks. I kept hearing that little voice in my head say, “Was I cut out for coaching?” “What if no one came into my offer?”. I held out for the ONE person who I knew was a good fit for my offer

After promoting for six weeks, I signed my first coaching client who paid me four figures. 

It took me 35 times to talk about my offer before signing a client. 

Not showing up in your business hurts you more than it helps you. For too many of you, the problem is not showing up.

When it is tough, she is watching and waiting for permission to join your program or outsource to you. Just remember that she is watching and waiting for that sign. 

So what do you need to shift in your business to sign that first client?

  1. As mentioned above, how often are you talking about your offer

Marketing, Sales




How to sign your first client

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