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November 15, 2023

What is clarity?

The simple definition of clarity is “the quality of being coherent and intelligible.” For most people, you want to know what you are doing, how to get to your goals, and WHY it matters.

The problem with the online space is that you are consuming too much to figure out how to get clarity. And on the opposite end, you are going media-free to think that is the solution.

Clarity comes from taking action towards your goals – not just thinking about them.

What does clarity look like?

What Clarity doesn’t look like: 

  • sitting in silence or ghosting social media as a reason to find your voice
  • Launching a new offer, service or pivoting your niche because it doesn’t lit you up
  • reading every book on personal brand, finding your soul or any other version of eat pray love to get that burst of motivation

Clarity comes through action towards your goals. The problem that i see is most people are in a flight, fight or freeze state when they don’t get the immediate reward they were hoping for. Gaining clarity is one of the FIRST things most business owners do after they don’t get the results they want.

What Clarity Does Look Like

As mentioned, Clarity comes through action. There are business specific actions and non business actions.

If you didn’t realize it, you are a creature of habit meaning that 95% of what you do, say and think are going to be the same from day to day. When you want different, you have to do different.

Breakthrough moves (coined by my GENIUS friend, Addison) is doing something different. Shake up where you are working, what you eat, or anything. Breaking that pattern can lead to the different you are craving (and even the clarity you want)

What your business specific actions to gain clarity could look like is

  • Going deeper in your business on who you serve, how you serve them and WHY the impact is being created 
  • Feedback from past programs/clients/launches. To understand what works and what isn’t working 
  • Painting a picture of what your future looks like (not money in your account) and creating the business vision to support your life 

And if you are unsure – clarity is your FIRST step in Scale to $5k

Why Clarity is the first step in Scale to $5k

Stephen Covey said it best when he said. “Being with the end in mind.” Which is what I didn’t do when I started my business.

Did I know the impact that I was going to create over the many years? No.

But when I sat down and created an idea of what I wanted, it allowed me to start working towards the goals. No goal is too small when starting in Scale to $5k. I’ve had clients who come in as moms and want to make $2k/month.

I’ve had other clients who want to create $100k in six months.

The point of beginning with the end in mind is to avoid the next idea. This year, I saw the lack of planning more and more, with people leaving very successful businesses on paper because they built something that wasn’t for them.

Having CLEAR ideas of how you are going to grow your own business will help you from:

burnout that most business owners face

wondering what to do daily in your business to move the needle

Waiting to take time off because you say “When I hit this goal, or do this thing”

Launching random offers to make more money.

Thinking that everyone is your ideal client, and then making NO money because you are selling to everyone

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If you are ready to start hitting $5k months in your online business and with a SPACIOUS calendar, Scale to $5k is for you.

Scale to $5k




How to get clarity in your online business

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