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Scale to $5k

November 3, 2023

When I started my coaching business in 2019, I aimed to hit $5k in months. $10k months were still all the rage. But $10k months felt so much further than I realized.

That is when I coined Scale to $5k to talk about Scaling to $5k months. Since then, I’ve helped 100s of students go through this framework.

The 4 C Framework


Stephen Covey said it best when he said. “Being with the end in mind.” Which is what I didn’t do when I started my business.

Did I know the impact that I was going to create over the many years? No.

But when I sat down and created an idea of what I wanted, it allowed me to start working towards the goals. No goal is too small when starting in Scale to $5k. I’ve had clients who come in as moms and want to make $2k/month.

I’ve had other clients who want to create $100k in six months.

The point of beginning with the end in mind is to avoid the next idea. This year, I saw the lack of planning more and more, with people leaving very successful businesses on paper because they built something that wasn’t for them.

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I am avoiding burnout and having an exit plan.

When you work on any other type of business, what is commonly talked about is an exit plan. But in the online space, there is no exit plan. It’s the assumption that you do it forever and then close your business. When Tyler Mcall sold his business – he opened up my eyes and others business owners to see the exit plans you could create.

Most of my clients haven’t considered their business beyond the following year. While you won’t stick to every detail of the plan, it’s a good idea to know where you want to be in 10 or 20 years.

Scarecrow plan

33% of people are more likely to achieve their goals if they write it down. I remember tucking a piece of paper in my closet that said, “2020 will be a $200k year,” and it was.

The truth is that marketing will change, channels will vary, and how you deliver a message will change. But the core things you want to do will not change.

Creating a Scarecrow plan is just that. You have goals you want to achieve over the next 10, 20, or even 30 years. WRITE THEM DOWN

Be the Taylor Swift in your business and start laying the seeds for your future goals of creating a podcast, writing a book, or even being that retired mom who spends all her time with her kids.

It’s easier to work towards goals than to aim for something you don’t know of. (PS – you probably reach them sooner than you realize.)

How this applies to business

Once you are in Scale to $5k, you keep doubling, tripling, and quadrupling your business. What most people don’t realize is that making your first $5k months is the foundation of your business.

Stop wondering what to do daily.

When I became a manager, I had NO idea how to manage my tasks. My advice from my manager is to buy a planner and use it.

It was a monthly planner that I could break down my tasks. Did I mention we were in the middle of the first 5 dollar increase and had to do it manually while managing everything else?

So, I started writing down my tasks. This is something that I work with my clients to begin managing not only their client work but also the things they want to do in their business. If you aren’t a naturally organized business owner, you are still welcome.

theme days, CEO days, off days

CEO days in my world are not what most people think. It is not getting your nails done, hair done, or the other ideas. This is typically a deep work day.

When you know your schedule, you know where you can fit in the extra things you want to do during your day.

In Scale to $5k, you learn how to work in the business and the industry. This will help you expand BEYOND client work. One of the best skills you can craft is having a schedule and sticking to the plan.

You can adjust your time to know when you are working on and off.

Helping you avoid burnout

I’ve seen it too often, but when you start a business, you aren’t immune to burnout. You can burn out sooner if you don’t have set on and off times. This helps you keep the momentum in your business and have space to rest.


Marketing is a game of connection regarding your ideal client, the messaging, and the content you create.

Ideal client

The way most people teach ideal clients is just their demographics. What that looks like is where they live, how much they make, or even their job.

But that doesn’t get you the connection you want with them. How you learn the ideal client in Scale to $5k will change your business forever. You go deep into motivation, why they buy, speaking to their pain points, what offers make sense to them, and become an instant yes.

This is the foundation of everything else you create for the rest of your business.

Psychology in your marketing

When you join Scale to $5k, you get access to my buyer psychology course. Instead of handing you content prompts and piecing them together later on. You learn the four buyer types, how to sell, and what motivates them.

And you are being able to apply that to your content to make it that much more effective.


When I started my business, my posts looked similar to yours. Struggling to create content and hoping to improve is a HUGE disconnect I see in the online space.

Beyond just teaching you what works, you get in-depth content audits to help you improve your content—learning how to create copy that converts and makes posts that stick out—focusing beyond just Instagram but blogs, sales pages, landing pages, and more.


Selling front face

If you are giving so much value and not signing clients, the first step is being able to sell more. The problem most people think is that they are already selling, and they aren’t.

When people think of sales, they believe there is a magical recipe for what you say and how you say it, which shows up once. And while there are strategic things to say, the difference is being able to show up daily. To keep talking about your offer.

Closing more sales

So once you sell more, you get more inquiries. The problem is most people don’t know how to take that inquiry to conversion.

If you want to learn how to sell in the DMS – we teach you that.

If you want to keep selling on sales calls – you can use our proven method to help you.

Both methods focus on a process that not only helps you sign the clients then and there but also handles objections and even uses what you learn from your ideal clients to make more content.

Deliberate practice

The meat of what you learn on a scale of $5k means nothing to be able to practice it in a safe space. When managing, I spent more time role-playing with my team to help them get confident.

In Scale to $5k, there is a dedicated call each month that focuses on role-playing to help you get practice and feedback in the moment. There are multiple topics that we cover, and if there is a topic that needs more support, we pop up more training.

In addition, there is a sales-specific channel to help you navigate sales conversations when it’s not a week that we are practicing.

The goal is for you to sign more clients and feel confident.

Client Sucess

The worst advice I heard when starting my business was to build systems to hire a VA (who turned into an online business manager). But then you don’t understand what you need for a plan.

So, in Client success, you focus on not only building your own business but delivering to your client to keep a fantastic client experience.

Simple AF onboarding

Create your onboarding after you sign clients, and capture the information that you need. We don’t care what software you use or how you do it. Mapping out the process is vital to seeing your success as you onboard.

Referral Systems

One of the most powerful tools in your business is having a referral system and continuing to get referral clients. As someone who didn’t have a massive following when I started, I know the power that it creates in your business. Be able to scale regardless of the size of your business.

Client situations

Price increases, cancellations, refunds, and any other client situation you face in your business – you are covered. As someone who has helped 100s of students and seen my fair share of things in business, there are few times I don’t have an answer or a resource to help you.

Scaling Beyond $5k

So you hit $5k months, what’s next?

You can keep building your business by working less and making more. And that vision you created in the clarity step – you are bringing that to life in mission income and the mastermind.

What some of my clients have done BEYOND $5k months are:

  • Building a website
  • starting a blog like this one
  • Hiring their own family, creating a team
  • Starting a podcast

offering more services or coaching programs.

As you keep growing in the Meghan Lamle Coaching home – you will always find a place for your mission and customization.

If you are scaling beyond $5k months and want to see your options – click here.

Is Scale to $5k for you?

Scale to $5k enrolls four times a year – the application on the sales page is all accurate to the spots we have and when enrollment is happening.

So, if you are ready to join, click the link below.

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Scale to $5k




The Scale to $5k Framework

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