Why does everyone hate sales?


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November 2, 2023

I tapped the brake, careful not to slam down on it

My jeep did not stop that icey morning. While this is a reality of driving in Colorado post ice storm… not ideal

The jeep barred through the downhill stop light as I laid on my horn… Whoever was entering the intersection near that I was going to be sliding through it. the thought crossed my mind – hopefully, they can stop.

The thing is – it wasn’t a moment of panic because this isn’t new.

I’ve driven in snow for ten years, I’ve lived in CO my whole life. The snow isn’t leaving and neither am I

and this time I didn’t hit anyone. No one hit me.

but that practice of driving in the snow leads to calm.

Why does everyone hate sales?

You may be shaking your head, You would never drive home. I hate driving in the snow

But what if I replaced that same situation with pitching or talking about your offer? and before you say well, I hate doing sales but I have to do it… this is what it looks like

You may open the IG app on your phone, pull up your camera, and stare blankly at yourself. Thinking to yourself what do I need to say to finally get Alex sitting in my audience to There is not a calm creeping over you, this is about as foreign as dropping yourself into another country and they don’t speak English.

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What is sales? Why do people hate it?

My grandma said it best when she said “ I could never work in sales, I hate convincing people to buy something.” Sales itself is not the art of convincing someone to buy, that is a marketing job. Sales is the exchange of money or time in exchange for goods, products, or services.

But the problem is most people don’t realize the parts that they hate about sales are not the same sales you would use in your business.

In addition, sales come with a fear of rejection which is DEEPLY related to the need for belonging. When you are rejected, this is a top-down experience. This creates a feeling in your body of unsafety.

So naturally humans are going to avoid this lack of safety.

the rise of the door-to-door salesman

While sales have gone more social, there is still the door-to-door salesman or cold calling. It’s the unexpected moment when you are sitting at your table eating dinner, and the door rings.

Could it be a processor server or someone trying to sell you something?

You open the door, they turn around and in that moment you WISH it was someone handing you paperwork. You sign a paper and then leave. EVEN worse, you are stuck listening to the monologue and having to tell them no.

And if you aren’t getting hit up in your house, it’s in your inbox on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever new social media is out there.

MLM recruiting gone wrong

You see the message pop up from your high school friend who you haven’t talked to in ten years. “Hey girl, I haven’t seen you so long” If the year was 2010, you would be unsuspecting and go to dinner with them

to then be hit with the SAME thing, but this time it’s across the bar from someone you kinda knew way back when.

Your dirt list and your hopeful list (or something like that) is a common strategy used when you join a Multi-level marketing company. The problem with the ideology is that you are now selling to the people you know, and beyond that.

When you start a business, you learn quickly that your ideal client isn’t your friends and family. So, the common advice to recruit from the people you know gets thrown out. But the lasting impact of getting a “Hey girl” message – that is enough to put a fear of god in someone around sales.

Does everyone hate sales or bad salespeople?

the ick

Most people don’t view sales as icky when it gets them what they want. But what if they are selling something you don’t want?

You flash back to being at the mall, and the guy with too strong cologne approaches you with the hair straightener. You didn’t think your hair looked that bad that day, but now he is saying otherwise.

You do have a perfectly good straightener at home… but maybe this time

oh, wait – desire can change when someone brings awareness.

Humans are driven by their subconscious. 95% of your decisions are determined by your subconscious. So in reality, the ick and fear of that you are selling someone something they don’t need. It’s not up to you, it’s up to their brain

never take no for an answer

“NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER” is some of the worst sales advice I’ve ever heard. While no may not be a no forever, the problem is that people push too hard. Objection handling doesn’t need to be a WHOLE series that they feel like they are a hostage.

In reality, you are going to hear the word no. I still hear the word no, but with this type of advice – of course, you are going to hate sales or the sales process.

the cold dms

I don’t know what is worse, getting the comment reading it and then realizing they sent you a cold DM. or the cold DM in general. You don’t have to send 100s of messages to find clients. Cold DMS are DEAD, cold calling is a number of games.

The truth of the matter – people don’t hate sales. They hate bad sales, done by people who don’t care about helping you and make you feel like a number. Out-date sales strategies focus on a numbers game.

Hating sales isn’t making you more money

but here’s the secret that most six-figure entrepreneurs aren’t talking about. Hating sales isn’t making you money. The avoidance of sales is keeping you from reaching the income you want.

What improved my sales was getting over the mindset, and taking the time to practice.

Turning $10k launches into $100k launches

closing $100k in sales in 90 days to almost $300k in 90 days

There was no viral reel, no influx of people.

Just sales skills. Which is something that you can learn, it’s not something you have or you don’t have.

So if you get a full-hives rash from selling but KNOW you have people watching your stories daily, you would love to help them

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Why does everyone hate sales?

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