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You are looking at story views, email opt-ins, and page views…. but no one is converting. You are wondering: Is that what I’m saying? Do I need a larger audience? Is it my offer? I don’t want to sell more because it makes me feel sleazy, icky, and gross. The most commonly perceived solution for business […]

Bad Sales Strategy If you are journaling $10k months, hoping to sign your next client. This is WHY you are stuck in business. I’ve heard this from MULTIPLE clients this year. There is a lack of sales strategy in sales-based programs, and instead, they are being sold some journal practice or secret code.   Sales […]

My grandma said it best when she said, “ I could never work in sales; I hate convincing people to buy something.” (and you probably said the same thing before starting your business unless you worked in sales) Sales is not what you think it is  I’ve had so many business owners tell me the same […]

I tapped the brake, careful not to slam down on it My jeep did not stop that icey morning. While this is a reality of driving in Colorado post ice storm… not ideal The jeep barred through the downhill stop light as I laid on my horn… Whoever was entering the intersection near that I […]

Hi hi,

Hi, I’m Meghan I took my last $200 and turned it into a $200k online business coaching practice … and then burned that business down I never planned to be in sales, but here I am after 9 years and probably won’t leave.

I didn’t come out of the womb selling but having three older brothers taught me a thing or two about how to get my way. When I graduated in 2017, I thought I would trade my Colorado casual for a pant suit and a growing career. That quickly turned into management and getting fired after 11 grueling months.

But I was on to something when my clients  started making more money.. So I ran head out into teaching more sales.

If you are a female entrepreneurs who is  sick and tired of being stuck in the same place, unsure how to scale your business, sign clients and enjoy .

I’m teaching you to ditch the sleaze, unaligned, and just flat out dumb sales advice. You in?


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