The Three Biggest Myths of Sales



December 29, 2021

Remember when you used to hold on to that Friday feeling? You know, the weekend was coming, we could go outside, hang with friends, feel the freedom. For me, Saturday morning yoga was my JAM.

Listen. I know the Coronavirus has put fear in our hearts and businesses. And while the world of the unknown is happening daily, this situation mirrors business. You don’t always know what will come out of the business that you are growing, the programs you launch, or the clients you work with. 

Heck, if six months ago someone came to me and said, “Meghan, you will be scaling to six figures and beyond” I would have laughed in their face.

The important thing to remember here is that you have to believe in your abilities, and you can CHOOSE how you respond to this situation and every one other you face in your business.

But I believe down to my core, there is more money on the table daily. The businesses we have built online were made for moments like this. So if you want to grow, go ahead and grow.

However, check yourself if you are believing these 3 MYTHS of sales so you don’t hold yourself back:


Here is the honest truth: Showing up on stories can move the needle forward based on building the like, know, and trust factor with your people. It helps move someone closer to buying from you. In addition, you are building connection points, which creates the halo effect.

The halo effect is when an ideal client connects with you based on shared interest, and therefore they LIKE you more. An example of this would be sharing your favorite Starbucks drink and someone seeing that and feeling like you guys could be friends just based on this shared interest!

So if you never get on Instagram Stories, how will they learn to like you and therefore buy from you? Instead of feeling the pressure to sell on stories everyday, look at some new ways to showcase who you are and your offer without directly mentioning it:

  1. Talk about you and your journey. As coaches and services providers, your ideal client will buy from you based on the fact that they want what you have. The more you share about how you have grown, the closer you are getting to a yes. Your passion shows when you talk about how you got to where you are. People can feel passion. It’s not something you can fake.
  1. Give value related to their problems. What is keeping your ideal client up at night? You should be giving them quick wins to their solutions. This allows the mental trigger of reciprocity. By giving value, your ideal client feels that they need to give you something in return, which means investing.
  1. Talk about your clients. Your clients are the hero of your business. They are living proof that through investing in your services or programs, they get the results that they want. Don’t be afraid to share the same social proof over and over. Social proof is a mental trigger in sales based on the fact that others are getting the results through investing in you. You are literally showing what is possible through yourself and your clients. 
  1. Show you doing the work. There is so much going on behind the curtain. Peel it back and let others see what and how you do things. Your ideal client, whether you are a coach or service provider, wants to know the ins and outs. You can never share too much. 

People pay thousands of dollars to stand behind the curtain at a concert. Treat your business the same way.


I am rolling my eyes so hard at this one. So many times, you think that you can’t sell high-ticket services or programs. That this is something other coaches and service providers can do – not you. 

By doing this, you are now discounting yourself AND your service. Please stop that. 

Here is the #1 problem I see: You are selling to your peers and not leads. Targeting your peers like Sally and Karen who struggle to pay their bills is not how you make sales. Stop looking for the exception to the rule and start looking for the rule.

Authority is a mental trigger for sale because your ideal client buys from the person with the answers. You are already the expert – show up and start acting like it.

Your ideal client is willing to pay you at FULL price. No need to discount. Your ideal client is ready for the transformation you are giving them. If you really think about it, our biggest opportunity cost is time.

When your ideal client chooses to do it themselves, they are spending their most precious thing: TIME. As a coach, I GIVE your time back to you by getting you to your goal sooner BECAUSE I have done it before. 

As a service provider, you give back time, too. LITERALLY. You are coming in and taking tasks off their plates so that your ideal client can do the money-generating tasks.

Stop discounting yourself, your services, and the time you are creating. Again, time is your most precious commodity.


This myth drives me crazy. When I sat down to look at March books, I spent over 8k outsourcing last month ALONE and another 3.7k on education. I am not the expectation to the rule, I am the rule for a growing business.

The reason you feel like no one is buying is based on the projection that you are creating. You think because you are not buying, no one else is either.


There are 7 billion people on this earth. Within that 7 billion, ONE billion is on Instagram. With all these stay-at-home orders now, more and more people are getting on their phones. The online space is about to grow with the innovation of the businesses who get online to continue. 

That means they NEED you and your support. 

Your business was placed on your heart for a reason. When someone invests in you, they are getting 2x the ROI because of what you create for them. Never forget that.

Are you scared to sell right now? Not sure how to bust through these myths? Send me a comment or message so I can help you!

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The Three Biggest Myths of Sales

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I didn’t come out of the womb selling but having three older brothers taught me a thing or two about how to get my way.

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