Using the 4 Buyer Types to Sign More Clients


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May 16, 2022

Did you know that there are 4 different buyer types throughout your audience? Yes, each person you are trying to sell to has a specific way of buying that’s unique to them – and not knowing this could be the reason you’re struggling to sign clients. Let’s dive into what these 4 buyer types are and how knowing more about them can help you sign more clients, easily.

Debbie: The Leader of the Pack

The first of the 4 buyer types is Debbie. I call her the leader of the pack.

She’s headstrong and first to take action in all scenarios.

Debbie’s working style can be described as quick, efficient, but also sometimes missing details (because she’s focused on getting so much done!).

Because Debbies are always ready to move forward in business, they often focus on the transformation they’ll receive from their investment. They want to be able to envision that new life ahead of them!

When you’re selling to a Debbie, talking about the transformation is key.

Allie: The Detailed One

The second of the 4 buyer types is Allie. She’s an organized & detailed workhorse.

She’s infamous for filling out long detailed spreadsheets and letting you know when there’s a typo.

Allie is the one that will help you map out every next step you need to take (with checkboxes, status points, and communication outlines).

Because Allies are so detail-oriented, they always want to know about the features and inclusions in what they’re investing in.

When you’re selling to an Allie, focus on the features and details of your offer.

Emma: The Mom Friend

The third of the 4 buyer types is Emma. She’s the mom friend of her group and always has been. She has a sixth-sense for inauthentic selling and won’t be swayed to purchase something she doesn’t feel aligned with.

Emma is the one that trusts her gut and follows her intuition when it comes to investing.

Because Emmas are focused on relationship-building and feeling in tune, she’ll want to know you and the investment closely before investing.

When you’re selling to an Emma, focus on the feelings the investment will give.

Cassie: The Connection Queen

The last of the 4 buyer types is Cassie. She’s the friend that always has the group chat flowing. She is loyal and committed to her community and will be the first to share the group with others.

Cassie is a people-person and loves sharing experiences with others that are in the same boat as her.

Because Cassies are focused on community and connecting with others, they want to make sure they are investing in something where they can share the experience with peers.

When you’re selling to an Cassie, focus on the community and other members she’ll have access to.

Now, Nobody has ‘I’m an Allie Buyer Type’ stamped on their forehead. So how do you discover which buyer type a person is and how you can sign clients easier using that information?

You dig. Selling is a process that requires time, relationship-building, and lots of back-and-forth conversations. When you take the time to connect with a lead and see what really matters to them, you can sell to them in a way that makes them feel empowered. Not just a scripted DM.

So, If you’re ready to go deeper into buyer types and how to use psychological principles to sign more clients, my course Buyer Psychology 2.0 is for you. 

You can find more of the information I teach on Buyer Types and Psychology over on Instagram.

Psych, Sales




Using the 4 Buyer Types to Sign More Clients

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