Burn Out as a Business Owner


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August 4, 2022

What is Burn Out?

Burn out has a variety of definitions based on who you ask. While it’s not a medical condition, it is a situation that many business owners find themselves in their business. It can come from doing too much at once, working long hours, or a mixture of many things.

What Causes Burn out?

You’re overworking and undercharging and inevitably you are burning out and my heart hurts for you. The whole reason you started your biz was to AVOID these feelings.

This is not something that is easily solved by just taking more time off in your business. Sustainable change in your business and prices helps you work less and make more.

I know, you’re reading this and saying, “I want to raise my pricing but I don’t know if my ideal client will buy” 

Raising Prices to work less and make more

So let’s break it down for you: 

Let’s say you have 5 clients who pay you $200 each every month. So you are making $1000 a month. While 20 hours at $10/hour doesn’t sound so bad, let’s break down the math

If you are only doing 20 hours of client work, you are are not accounting for the other things such as: Admin, client communication (this adds up fast), taxes, and having saving.

That $10/hr for the 20 hours of client work is rapidly turning into 35 hours each month and making less each hour.

Imagine we take all your packages up to $500, and all of your clients say yes.  You would now make $2500 a month. 

most of my clients are charging minimum $1,000 a month but for the sake of this example – you would 2x your prices.

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So how do you do this?

Increase pricing as you sign clients because you are now in demand.  If you are worried about saying your prices on sales calls and hearing a pricing objection


Raise your prices on current clients when they cycle out of their contract to allow your revenue to grow. 

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Script for Raising your prices with your Existing Clients

Hey Name-

I’ve loved working with you over the past several months. As you know our contract is coming to an end on X date.

In the last X amount of Months – you have seen some RESULTS HERE

Based on the current demands of your business with X, Y, Z. Your package will be increased to NEW PRICE.

This would included


In addition – my current minimum commitment for all clients is 6 months.

I truly value our partnership and the growth and visibility you have achieved since we began working together. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2024 as we expand your reach.

If you are ready – I can send over your contract for the new services.

Best regards,

Try that script out and let me know what you think!

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Burn Out as a Business Owner

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