Covered in Puppy Pee and a New Outlook



September 22, 2022

Ryan and I are taking the leap into parenthood.. one week at a time as foster animal parents for our local shelter.

And our first placement was a set of puppies. We are totally obsessed AND ready to give them back so they can find a home forever on Friday.

If there is one thing about me… I’m overconfident in my ability, which can at times be a total thorn in my side.

So yesterday at about 11:45 am (only 20 minutes after Ryan ran to the store) I was covered in pee, cleaned up 15 or so messes, and ready to give up.

As Ryan walked through the door, I looked at him and took my computer to my safe haven (the bedroom upstairs with the new carpet that is puppy-free).

Puppyhood at that moment was NOT for me. and my ego reminded me that I was not about to admit it. It wasn’t until this morning that I got a text, that reminded me that it’s okay to not be good at everything.

See – the last time I had a puppy was almost ten years ago and she was outside most of the time.

I forgot about the crying at night when you put them down

the endless “No, stop, Don’t chew that”

and the forever smell of puppy pee on the puppies

And I also forgot the endless joy of them when they FINALLY go outside. They learn to do things like the stairs in one day, and the wagging tail after you go to the bathroom.

And in those moments, I found out two things.

  1. I will not be giving you a mini CEO anytime soon. I love you all, but not YET
  2. Having help is the difference between hiding in the bathroom for an extra five minutes and being able to take them outside for the 50th time and it’s only 11 am

Listen, I’ve been in business for over 3 years, and many people have noticed me coming back.

I once was a lost business owner like you, and it was overwhelming.

The struggle of trying to show up one more time, and get help

The STRAIGHT ego death of taking my last $200 and giving it to a future I didn’t know I had

AND the pure shame when I was not the one getting amazing results in my group

But with that came moments that I loved too

Signing my first client (Hi Lex)

When I sat around a VIRTUAL Zoom room and realized I built a business out of concepts

My clients sign clients, hire their own team members, pay off debt, get their dream whatever

And that reminder that, well, ALL of us will feel crazy about doing this thing. That it gets easier, better and you don’t have to smell like puppy pee.





Covered in Puppy Pee and a New Outlook

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I didn’t come out of the womb selling but having three older brothers taught me a thing or two about how to get my way.

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