What’s Holding you back from signing high-ticket clients?



December 29, 2021

I get a lot of questions around how to actually start signing high-ticket clients. There’s a learning and experience curve here, but once you have that under your belt and you’re ready to scale even more, there are a few things to consider that might hold you back:

Your worry around getting ghosted

Your fear around charging your worth

Your lead generation

So, how the heck do you do this high-ticket thing? Let’s talk these points through.

Forget the Ghosts

Instead of focusing on getting ghosted, you need to remove YOU from the sale. Someone else ghosting you does not mean you are less valuable or that your work is worth less. 

Getting ghosted comes from a place where people don’t want to talk about the fear at hand. Women specifically need to process things by talking about them, but as a society, we’ve created a new norm of not talking or processing – aka ghosting. 

This leads me to talking about why it’s helpful to create an application process for your offers. The potential client will know exactly what to expect in terms of the offer and the price before you even have to hop on a sales call with them, decreasing the likelihood of getting ghosted. 

It’s going to happen – it happens to me too – so we need to not make it personal if we want to move forward and actually find the people who DO want and need our offers.

Charging Your Worth: You ARE a High-Ticket Service

Think about your sales strategy inside of your business. Somewhere, there’s a disconnect between finding high ticket leads and getting them to sign.

Be a high ticket service to work with high ticket clients. What does a high ticket service look like? You charge $1000 minimum and have a clear, valuable offer. And you have to be firm with your pricing. 

When you get on sales calls, you cannot go into it expecting to discount or change your prices. You have to deeply believe you are worth getting compensated and worth the money you want to charge so you can hit your income goals. . 

But you HAVE to show up and show them that it’s worth spending that kind of money on you first. They will not feel like it was a bad idea to invest in you – continually showing who you are and what you do and insert your expertise. This is where lead generation comes in.

The Importance of Lead Generation

Just to be clear here, lead generation is the process you’re using to draw interest in your business, who you then nurture with your content until they’re ready to buy. Whatever your lead generation looks like, have a method that works for you and keeps you inside of whatever space your ideal client hangs out in – Instagram, Facebook, etc.

The biggest issue I see is people flat out not tracking their leads inside of these spaces, when this should be your biggest priority. If your someone who forgets to do it, then you need to put a system in place. 

For me, I have a list of 10-50 ideal clients in a spreadsheet and track who follows back, what tactics we’re using to engage, what connections are made, etc. We watch these ideal clients move through the channels so we know where they’re at and when to pitch them. 

For lead gen and signing high-ticket clients, the bottom line is consistency. Showing up in those spaces and engaging with your ideal clients regularly and nurturing them.

Find a place to insert your authority with consistent content that your ideal client can learn from and rely on. And have a system that’s trackable and see what leads come in, what they’d be a good fit for, and lead them there. 

A lot of us struggle with seeing these tiny steps are going to amount into big things. When you’re so far in the weeds with your leads, you don’t realize it, but you’re growing because you’re staying consistent with your efforts in serving the high-ticket clients you’re dreaming of working with!

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What’s Holding you back from signing high-ticket clients?

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