My Secret 3-Part Buying Process



December 29, 2021

The number one question I get in my Instagram DMs is: “How do you sell as much as you do?” Ask and you shall receive! I’m going to walk you through my 3-Part buying process that allows me to consistently bring in the kind of income I do from my business. Sales is kind of my jam, so take notes!

A lot of people in the online business space don’t understand that in order to sell consistently, you have to understand how people BUY. That’s how multi-million dollar brands exist – they know the thoughts, behaviors, and patterns of the people they’re selling to. 

A lot of times, you’re so focused on how to get the sale, you don’t even consider how people make purchases and what their decision process looks like. As coaches and service providers, we’re literally asking for huge chunks of money from people we’ve never met. This means you need to know some stuff in order to get them to bite. 

In school, we learned about this 3-part buying process in a long, drawn out manner, but I’m going to break it down real simple:

  1. Understand the problem people have and bring awareness to it.

As humans, we go through life knowing we have a problem, but maybe we’re not aware just how deep it goes, or we assume it’s one thing when the real issue is something else we haven’t thought about before.

With that, you as the problem solver need to make sure you bring that problem to light for them and then attach an emotion to it. You’re showing that you understand how this problem makes them feel – then, you move them from that unwanted emotion into a new emotion that’s positive. What is the pleasure they want to feel? Then, we need to move them into a place of radical clarity with their next steps to get to that desired emotion or result. 

  1. Provide a tangible solution that showcases the emotions and results they desire.

You need to also explain WHY they are having this problem, and in doing this, you must include a tangible solution that showcases the emotions and/or feelings and results they want, in a way they can easily understand. 

If they don’t see a clear way of how you’re going to bring them from pain to pleasure, they’re not going to see this as a viable solution and take action. This also includes positioning yourself in a place of authority and making sure you have social proof of how you’ve solved this problem in someone else’s business before. 

The other side to this is bringing awareness around how your solution is going to be different from someone else’s coaching services. You being different is a selling point. There are so many selling experts in this space, but people will buy from YOU because of who you are, in addition to your ability to help them. And if there isn’t a solution through you, you can still be a resource to lead them to someone else who can solve their problem. 

  1. Service awareness: You have to talk about your offer and talk about it OFTEN. 

You need to talk about your offer a lot. Like, more than you probably think you should. I talked about my first offer for six weeks before my first client signed with me. 

We all want to be known and be the go-to person in the online coaching space, and to do that you need to know what it’s going to take – you have to sell and keep your offer in the forefront of their minds. There is power and consistency in repetition, and it’s not salesy to talk about your offer over and over because not everyone is watching you every single time you talk about it. 

I also want to touch on the female brain because this will help you understand why repetition is so important. The area of our brain that controls emotions is bigger than men’s. This explains why we are more emotional and keen to details, which we also tend to process better by talking it through (a.k.a. Why talking to a coach is so beneficial). This is also the place in our brain where we made decisions. Knowing this, you want to create a memorable experience and lean into details when talking about your offers and your business.

What questions do you have about the 3-part buying process? Send me a message on Instagram or drop a comment here!





My Secret 3-Part Buying Process

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