Client A built the offer of her dreams


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October 27, 2023

The Problem

When Client A came to me, she was STUCK. There was no clear path on how to get rid of DFY work and be able to still hit revenue goals. She wanted to pivot more into coaching and course creation. She, also, didn’t really believe that my ideal client/customer would want to invest.

During the Intensive

Client A was able to:

  • Get a custom offer strategy for her new offer and future offers
  • Create a marketing funnel to be able to pivot her own page
  • She started making progress when she would have procrastinated before.

After the intensive

Client A has a clear path to get out of DFY work and feels good about the marketing funnel. In the past She would have continued to put the work off because She wasn’t able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but now even with a few hurdles to get this new stuff launched. She even enjoys the learning curve of something new

What She Said About Working With Me

I would say that if you want some immediate clarity, work with Meghan. Meghan is super practical, doesn’t teach a one-size-fits-all approach, and actually LISTENED to me instead of just coming at me with a cookie cutter strategy. It all felt very custom. Now seemed like the right time because it was clear that more information wasn’t going to help. I needed to get my thoughts out of my head and get another set of eyes on them so my next steps weren’t clouded by limiting beliefs or overwhelm.

You can have the business of your dreams, and make offers that look custom to your own business.

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case studies




Client A built the offer of her dreams

Hey, I'm Meghan

I never planned to be in sales, but here I am after 9 years and probably won’t leave.

I didn’t come out of the womb selling but having three older brothers taught me a thing or two about how to get my way.

When I graduated in 2017, I thought I would trade my Colorado casual for a pant suit and a growing career. That quickly turned into management and getting fired after 11 grueling months.

But I was on to something when my clients started making more money.. So I ran head out into teaching more sales.

If you are a female entrepreneurs who is sick and tired of being stuck in the same place, unsure how to scale your business, sign clients and enjoy.

I’m teaching you to ditch the sleaze, unaligned, and just flat out dumb sales advice. You in?