$288k Launch with 50% of the cash collected – Client M


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October 26, 2023

Client M came to me after using the Down in the DM Framework to have a $50k sales month while on maternity leave.

After filling her 1×1 spots – she wanted to launch her program one more time (and make money from it)


Client M did what most of them did in the last 18 months – go evergreen. The problem was that enrollments went from 50+ people to 8-10 MAYBE a month using an evergreen webinar and email model.

She was not using the LARGE audience she had created on social media, that was FULL of her ideal clients.

In addition, Client M was getting referrals for her program and still not using them.


A final launch that signed maybe 8-10 people (I told her to dream bigger – like WAY bigger)

$288k Launch Framework


The Prime- Going into the launch, the goal is ALWAYS to have people. During the presale, we used problem-awareness content to get them ready to buy when the cart opened. 3 people found the sales page and bought before she opened the cart. In addition – BTS sales was happening in the DMS

This program had MASSIVE brand awareness, so leaning into it to make SURE people knew this was the last time it would be like this.


Open cart brought in the chance for EVERYONE to buy in, which is what happened. This was NOT an email-only launch, Client M was selling on her stories, handling objections, in the DMS, and sending emails. This multi-prong approach allowed her to reach the people who were READY and wanted to buy in.

She was constantly asking for support, getting any coaching, and bouncing ideas off me in Slack to help her get the most out of the launch. And even handle objections on her stories, so if the fear was coming up – she knew they could have answers.

Offering an additional payment plan towards the end helped more people get in at the price they could offer and built recurring revenue for her.

The biggest thing was riding out the WHOLE launch even when things got quiet.

the Down sell

At the end of the launch, Client M offered a down-sell to grab everyone else who wasn’t ready for coaching but KNEW they wanted the information. That down-sell alone created its own $20k in the launch.

Launch TOTAL

$288.2k launch with 50% cash collected

AND 70+ students signed into her program and PERFECT for the next upsell.

Next Steps

If you are someone ready to have LARGE launches, have multiple programs, and start signing more clients – Overflow is going to be perfect for you.

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case studies




$288k Launch with 50% of the cash collected – Client M

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