I did a MASSIVE podcast tour and heres what you need to know about visibility



May 18, 2024

What you need for a visibility tour 

Audio marketing is only going to get bigger in 2024 so one of the biggest opportunities you have this year to get in front of more people without having to do Instagram collaborations, run ads or do anything else is going to be how to get on more podcasts. 

I’ve wrapped up everything I learned, guesting on 18 podcasts and hosting people on my own podcast so you can grow your following and get more eyes on your business.  

Link to the podcast playlist 

Choose your podcast guest topics

First things first, you need to have topics planned out before planning your podcast or visibility tour. You want a topic you have in-depth knowledge of that a lot of people aren’t talking about. The more niche the better when it comes to your topic. 

For me, when I first started it was buyer types in sales psychology. When I did guest speaking in 2021, trend forecasting was used. This past tour, I talked more about consumer behavior how sales psychology is changing and what to expect in the market. 

Find topics you can talk about conversationally, that will add a lot of value to the hosts’ audiences, and that you’re excited about. Bonus – your topic matches an offer that you are launching soon 

Research + pitch your podcast hosts

The other piece you need to do is research. If you’re pitching someone that you don’t know, that you don’t have a relationship with, you want to show them in 3 seconds or less why having you as a guest is going to benefit them. 

Let them know how you’ll add value to the show, how you align, and how what you offer is important to their ideal clients. It’s not just listening to podcasts and randomly pitching – you want to be intentional. 

I didn’t cold email anyone on this visibility tour because I hate cold pitching, and tbh I don’t check my email.  Instead, I looked for applications, I would slide in the DMs, and that’s how I found most of my opportunities. 

And before you post some massive pitch – simply ask them if they are taking guests for their show?

Build your podcast authority 

Something to consider is production time. You might record a podcast episode today that doesn’t come out for 3 more months. And so for some months we had 5 podcast episodes coming out. 

We put them on a Spotify playlist and added the playlist to my press page on my website. That was huge because it helped podcast hosts see that I had experience speaking on other podcasts. 

As a podcast host, you want to know your guests can have good organic conversations. So the Spotify playlist was super helpful to get me in more doors because I could showcase quickly my experience and my expertise.

One good podcast episode will book you on more podcast interviews. So treating every interview like your next best opportunity to book more podcasts, to be a guest coach, and get more visibility is going to be really powerful. 

Build your SEO through podcasting 

Something I didn’t consider as I was on this visibility tour was that it was actually building my SEO. 

So if you’re someone who is playing with websites, SEO blogs, new ways to reach consumers and have people finding you, podcasting is going to help with that. 

This is something you can layer into your marketing plan. As you get on more podcast episodes, more links are out there linking to your website, and you have more chances for people to find you. 

You can post those links on different platforms and start building cross platform traffic between Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, whatever you’re utilizing and you create opportunities to be exposed to new people. 

Find opportunities through networking

Something to consider is Dunbar’s number, which is the number of personal friends you have. 

Instead of pitching this stranger who has this really large following, start with your social media network and your biz besties. 

You have a lot of business owners in your network that also want to grow so finding those collaboration opportunities where you can cross promote to each other’s audiences and grow together. 

Hop on coffee chats with people, chat with people on Threads, and create real human to human connections.

Collaboration is going to be important to help you get in front of new people and it’s going to help expand your knowledge, get you in different rooms, and create more opportunities for you. The more you network, the greater your Dunbar’s number is because you have more personal connections. 

You could even host your own networking event – it doesn’t have to be traditional networking where everyone introduces themselves and what they do and you’re wondering why you hopped on this mind numbingly boring call that got you nowhere. 

You can be fun and creative about the types of events you host. Events that people actually want to attend and at the end of the day it’s going to get more eyes on your business and help you get more speaking opportunities. 

There isn’t a one size fits all way to get on more podcasts and build your visibility, but finding ways that you can get in more rooms, collaborate with more entrepreneurs, that’s going to be the key to more visibility. 

You can listen to the Salesy podcast here and if you want to be on an episode as a guest, you can apply here





I did a MASSIVE podcast tour and heres what you need to know about visibility

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