What my most successful students have in common



June 8, 2024

What my most successful clients have in common (besides hiring a business coach) might not be what you think. 

Before we dive into what exactly they have in common – let’s address what factors don’t actually matter when it comes to making an ROI in their business. 

Factors such as: having kids, a family, being single or married. The number of followers they have didn’t matter. Whether they were a coach or service provider didn’t matter either. 

So what actually makes a difference for my clients in getting that ROI they’re looking for? 

Take advantage of your business coaching investment

If you’re looking to join Scale to $5k or another coaching program and wondering how you can see an ROI, the simple and easy action you can do today is to show up inside your investment. 

If you can’t attend the calls because of scheduling conflicts – show up anyway: submit questions, get your materials reviewed, watch the replays. 

The thing about investments, whether it’s a mastermind, membership, or group program is that there’s always opportunities for you to get customized support right then and there. 

You don’t know what you don’t know, with groups like Scale to $5k you can benefit from listening to people ask questions that you didn’t think of. This will expand your knowledge in ways you couldn’t anticipate.

Show up, take up space, ask questions – that’s where you’ll see the return on investment for your time, money and effort.

Ask for and implement feedback from your business coach

The other piece of showing up is applying the feedback that you hear from your coach. That means taking action on it and not waiting for the perfect time to start. 

When you invest with someone, you’re paying them for their expertise and knowledge because they’re good at what you’re trying to do. So when you ignore feedback you kind of shoot yourself in the foot. 

Part of investing is knowing there’s something different out there for you and committing to take action on it. 

Your actions today compound over weeks, months and even years. Where I see a lot of people struggling to take action is they aren’t seeing the results fast enough and give up too early.

So if you’re someone who struggles to take action, ask your coach: what are 2 to 3 things I can do before our next call in regards to my goal? Ask that every single call, every single week. 

Take action on those 2 to 3 things. Before you know it you’ll see the momentum you’re looking for because you’re taking consistent action. 

Use your available resources 

The clients that have seen the most success are those who consumed the content, watched the modules, and took the courses. 

Because once you have that knowledge you can start to apply it in how you show up on social media and emails, which will build your momentum even more. 

Since knowledge is compounding, once you start to see the same concepts over like sales, psychology,  and marketing you continue to deepen your understanding on those topics.

To really become an expert in something you need to be exposed to its knowledge more than once. So if you’re someone who is struggling to build that surface level knowledge, you might need to take more time consuming educational content. 

Have a life outside business

The other thing I see with most of my successful students is they have hobbies outside their business. 

Something to consider is the law of diminishing returns. You might think more time invested means more results. But at some point, you put your maximum effort in and you need to back off and let time do its thing. 

When it comes to having hobbies, it’s a type of rest. And rest is so crucial as you build a business. It’s what will give you the creativity and space to think outside the box. 

Ask for help from your business coach

This arguably is the most important piece in finding ROI in your business. I see a lot of entrepreneurs who don’t want to feel like a burden to their mentor, so they don’t ask for help. 

They don’t ask, hey can you look at this content? And yes, sometimes I look at so much content I’m like hey, you don’t need help anymore, you need reassurance. I feel confident in your skills. But that comes after a significant amount of feedback and spending time with their content. 

For most of my clients coming into Scale to $5k, I want you to ask for help. You aren’t doing your business any favors by hiding or hoping it gets better when there’s someone out there to help. 

A lot of mentorship, coaching and consulting comes from experience. It’s not just the experience of what has worked for me, it’s what has worked for my other clients who are in the same niche. So take advantage of your resources. 

Create content consistently

The last thing my most successful students have in common is they consistently sell and create content. 

Whether you like creating podcasts, blog posts, whatever you want to create and sell consistently is going to help you get closer to your goals. 

If you’re someone who struggles with this, you aren’t alone. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs learn to sell and create content. 

The consistency piece helps you with your marketing to gain awareness and nurture your audience, and it helps you with the sales piece because people understand what you do and how you can help them. 

Ready to dive in and get the most out of your coaching experience? Get inside Scale to $5k, start building that momentum and work towards the ROI you’re looking for. 





What my most successful students have in common

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