Why you haven’t hit 5k months yet



April 27, 2024

Your offer doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to sell it. 

Your offer does not matter if you don’t know how to market and sell it. 

What I see with entrepreneurs who are not hitting $5k months is trying to make these 100% customizable offers and having no clue what it is that they’re selling. 

(and it’s one of the reasons why you feel so stuck in your business, hitting $2k months and DREAMING about $5k months) 

One of the beauties of working in a T-shirt shop and massage memberships is the offer was already there. I just had to show up and sell it. I had to close on the offer over and over. That repetition of selling one good offer is what made me good at sales. 

If you struggle with selling your offer and hitting 5k months, keep reading. 

Packages vs Custom Proposals 

If you’re doing hourly packages and sending custom proposals every time, it’s time to put your services into packages. 

And if you’re saying my 1 on 1 coaching is soo custom because you’re a little angel baby and I’m customizing everything to you and your problems… it’s still time to create a package. 

And if you’re getting stuck on a name… it doesn’t matter. You’re trying to be more philosophical than you actually are. You’re selling a service. You’re not selling the secret to life.

That’s probably why you struggle with package pricing, selling the package, clearly talking about what you’re selling. 

Your offer doesn’t need to be unique. It doesn’t need to be creative.  It doesn’t even need to be philosophical (not even a little bit). In fact most offers look the same, it’s HOW you sell it 

So what DO you need? 

Your offer needs sales. It is not the enemy. 

Sales is not sleazy, icky or gross and your lack of selling and lack of marketing contributes to more problems than you realize. 

If people don’t know what they’re buying, they’re not going to buy. 

In this day and age after surprise offers, pop ups and pre-presales with next to no details and all the other chaos that happens in the online space…

Your buyer wants to be sure the money they’re spending is going to get them results. Either in a coaching capacity to give them information where they can go implement or in an outsourcing capacity. 

Sales doesn’t always need to look like getting someone into a program or service. It can look like building your email list and having a strong nurture sequence. 

There’s so many ways to do sales. But you need to consistently market and create a presence in the online space. 

Not showing up and selling is what so many of my clients go through before they join Scale to 5k and it’s where they feel stuck. 

You need to feel secure to sell your offer

I get these messages of “ I need a job or I need to sign one more client to pay the bills”. 

Your business should not be reliant on getting a job or having to sign another client to pay your bills. 

But I’ve had to get a job before and if you have to – it’s completely OK. There’s a lot of people in the industry who tell you jobs are the end of the world and getting a job makes you the worst. 

That’s a narrative that comes from the online space, it doesn’t come from actual entrepreneur ownership. 

You need to feel safe in your business. If you aren’t making ends meet you need money to meet your basic needs and feel safe. 

If you’re feeling the financial pressure and you’re not showing up and you have to do DoorDash or something – it’s okay. 

But the solution to not making money isn’t not selling. So go do what you need to do to feel safe and secure in your life, and then go show up and talk about your offer. 

You need repetition to sell your offer

It needs to be repetitive because the average consumer needs to hear something 42 times before they buy. Forty-two times.  They need to spend an average of 7 hours with you. 

There are new people finding you in the buying process every day. The problem happens when the marketing isn’t consistent so the sales aren’t consistent. 

So when you aren’t marketing your offer,  it’s like a Jenga tower that’s falling down. You wonder why you have a better chance of getting hit by a flying toilet seat from the International Space Station than signing a client.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had people come in with these elaborate product suites and marketing plans. And when I ask them “Ok when are you going to sell?” 

And its like… Who’s sales? She don’t go here.

And that’s where this struggle and this cycle continues because there’s no repetition and sales relies on repetition. 

When you do have an offer and you consistently sell, do the marketing and sales around it, you’re going to spiral, and get better because you’re putting time into it. 

Here’s how to sell every day in 15 minutes or less:  DFY sales prompts. 





Why you haven’t hit 5k months yet

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