How to fill your offers in your business



December 29, 2021

Do you find yourself sitting and wondering why the heck you aren’t filling seats in your programs or services? 

Listen, I know you are really doing the things you need to do to make that happen – ⁠⠀


✅You are showing up on stories giving value ⁠⠀

✅You are connecting in the DM’s with dream clients ⁠⠀

✅You did the market research and know your ideal client needs this offer ⁠⠀


But every day when you check your application, you are only hearing crickets. 


You feel like you are begging people to join this amazing offer that they are asking for. ⁠⠀


You are asking for the sale on a program they wanted you to create, yet they’re not buying. ⁠

What gives?!⠀

Don’t worry. I’ve got your solution.

This 7-day promo I created for stories or posts will allow you to talk about your offer and effectively reach/convert those potential clients you’ve worked so hard to snag: 


Get hyped about your offer! Ask and answer these questions yourself to help you start generating content and copy around your launch promos:

Who is this offer for?

What does it include?

Why did you create this?

What bonus do you have? 

Where do they go to apply?

When is the cart closing?


Talk about their problem(s). What problem does your offer solve? Get SPECIFIC and be super clear.

For example: My program solves my ideal client’s problems with overeating because they aren’t tracking macros. I’m not signing clients because they don’t understand how to.

Why are they having this problem?

What did you have this problem?

Offer one quick win/tip for them so they know you understand and want to help them!


Offer the full solution to their problem and make sure it ties into why they are having the problems that you mentioned in Day 2. 

If your ideal client is having trouble showing up on instagram, give them a plan to show up on stories for the next 7 days. 

Now is your time to shine! Give them 3 actionable steps toward their problems that they can use TODAY!


Talk about you and your investment or client transformations.

  • Why did you start your business? When did you hire a coach? What were you feeling? How do you feel now?
  • When did you sign your first client? How are your clients feeling by outsourcing to you? What have they achieved through outsourcing?

This will help them feel more connected and understood by you, therefore building their trust in you! 


Give away a framework of your service or coaching! Show your future dream client step-by-step how to get from where they are to where they want to be in one aspect of their journey. 

You don’t have to give them ALL the nitty gritty details – just enough for them to get a good idea of what they’ll get by working with you.


Handle the common objections. Always handle the objection once, then you can down sell. 

Example 1: Money. “I’m not sure I have the money” or “I need to make more money first.”

HInt: You should always have a budget qualifier on your application.  A budget qualifier on your application can ask them what they are making in their business. Another example would be asking your ideal client if they are ready to spend a minimum amount of money each month to outsource of invest. 

Your response: Talk about your first investment or first client outsourcing and how it helps them MAKE more money. 

Example 2: “I want to talk it over with my husband/wife/business parter/dog”

Your response: Talk about your process to make big decisions and how you feel when you are empowered in making those hard decisions.

Example 3: “I’m not ready” 

Your response: Use your personal story about starting before you were ready and the positives that came out of it.

Not addressing the objections is one of the biggest mistakes you can make – and leaves clients on the table!


Why you built this offer. Our “why” is so deeply rooted in us that we sometimes forget to share it. 

Why did you start working with coaches or artists? Why are you helping women and how are you helping them? 

What is your biggest struggle with getting clients to sign with you? Share with me below!





How to fill your offers in your business

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