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Scaling Beyond $5k

March 10, 2024

What does it look like to scale your online business?

The simplest form of Scaling your online business is increasing your income WITHOUT increasing time or costs associated. Face it – all of us could grow a massive business, with massive overhead but the art is being able to increase your income without working more or incurring unnecessary costs.

It is very possible to jack up your 1:1 pricing or take on 8-10 clients and hit that $10k per month. But the problem arises in time. You are now working more than you were in your 9-5 which is no bueno. 

Why should you stack your income to Scale your Online Business?

The easiest way to do it – stacking your income through DIFFERENT sources of income. The saying that the average millionaire has seven streams of income – think business. What you AREN’T going to do is just create a bunch of offers and try to sell all of them at once. So start with ONE offer that you have sold well, and then create additional streams of income.

. As a DFY service provider, you can offer different services based on where your ideal client is.Befoe you exit out of this blog thinking” this is just reserved for coaches, consultants, and content creators”. It’s not.

Scaling your online business comes in ALL shapes and sizes based on what you do, what offers you create, and the ideal client you serve.

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3 Types of Offers to Scale Your Online Business

Why Passive Offers aren’t the solution to scaling your online business

Passive income is elusive. Make money in your sleep, look at me on the beach, and now I make $100k by sneezing.

What no one tells you is that passive income is not actually that passive. The “passive part” is that you are no longer delivering on the thing in real-time. Think of templates, courses, or other forms of passive income (this could include the co-coaching model where you are the “head coach” but not actively coaching). If you aren’t focused on the delivery of the offer, you are replacing that time with marketing the offer.

So instead of the time on client delivery, you are focusing on getting more people into the offer.

Passive income becomes a numbers game of how many people you can get into that course, offer, or membership.

The problem – most business owners scaling BEYOND $5k don’t have a large audience to support the numbers game. This is WHY I tell my clients to WAIT or be okay with a smaller number of people in the membership, course, or passive offer.

Semi Passive Offers

Semi Passive offers known as templated offers are popular with the rise of web design coaches teaching instead of building a fully customized suite to productize your business. This offer allows you a frame to work in whether you are doing coaching, consulting, or for your services.

Semi Passive Offers are a GREAT option to scale your online business.

Semi Passive offers to save time, you can serve more clients and focus on creating a good client experience. This is a semi-high ticket service which means pairing it next to a high ticket service can add more income to your business.

While there is a popular idea to deliver in a day or just a week – that is going to be your personal preference. (done in a day model was created and popularized by Jordan at System Saved Me – if you want more info about it – click here)

** I don’t get any commission if you click the following link – just sharing because I love Jordan Gill and her business

Active Offers (Services and Coaching)

How you built your business through Done for You Services or Coaching is still a good way to keep scaling. Things you should consider are the time you are spending with clients, the limited availability, and if your prices reflect the growth you have seen (they probably need an increase but that’s a post for another day)

While there is a RUSH to get rid of your services, go fully agency or go co-coaching model – remember why you started. If you love what you do, don’t let the idea of not doing what you do be too enticing. It’s okay if you are a HIGHLY paid service pro with no agency model.

Or a coach who charges premium prices and coaches in all of their programs.

You can scale your online business and STILL offer these customized high ticket services.

The Accession Model

The accession model is a chain of offers that start with the smallest offer and lead to your highest This means each program should take into consideration a specific stage where your ideal client is at.

Ideal Clients at Different Stages

Each program has SPECIFIC problems that it solves. The problem I see is that too many business owners differentiate based on what’s inside of the program, not the problem it solves (and yes this does relate to service providers)

Someone ready to outsource their social media and have some fully hand it off has different problems, than someone who is posting less and not ready to fully hand off your social media.

This helps you be able to KNOW who is a good fit for what.

This REMOVES the idea that your programs and services are one-off, and starts allowing you to add to the package, upsell them, and work with the people you love them most.

the chain of problems

 Stephen Covey said “Begin with the end in mind” while he was talking about personal development, this applies to business too.

Begin with the ideal consumer in mind for your HIGHEST tier services. What have they overcome, what problems have they solved, why are they ready to work with you now?

Use the FPGG model

Fears = What current fears do they have around the problem they want to solve?

Pains = What are the current pains they are experiencing and WHY? get creative, instead of saying they struggle to make social media. Use a clear specific visual that creates an emotion.

Gap = What is the gap between them and their goal? What have they tried to do to get to the goal?

Goals = What are their goals?

Rinse and Repeat

work backward in your offers, and find the solutions. Slowly work on a launch plan to release your offers

and while it seems SO simple – it can feel so complicated

If you are currently at the $5k months and looking to SCALE BEYOND $5k months, Mission Income is a 12-week minimind that focuses on just that. I host this a couple of times a year.

and if you are unsure what is the best fit but KNOW you want to work with me – check out the Work with Me page right here

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Scaling Beyond $5k




How to Scale Your Online Business

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