I invited 3 strangers for a hometown date



May 14, 2024

Take the Literal Plunge: I hosted a retreat and here’s what happened

Kas and Meghan in 2 cold plunge bins next to each other

I got to see my clients build relationships live in action when I hosted a retreat. AND we took turns taking cold plunges. (If you know me, you KNEW I wasn’t going to do it).

Sitting in the tub closest to the cold plunge, I saw the same people say they were going to do it – and back right out. They’d put a finger in and shake their hand… nope.. Too cold.  

They let that moment of fear hold them back. 

I knew if I was going to do it, I was going feet first. No testing the temperature with my finger. No putting in one toe. I was going in and I was going to make sure I stayed in. 

All in because I KNEW that fear was going to take over. 

In case you forgot, how you approach things is how your clients will. (Yes, service pros even you)

And obvi after I plunged I was going to encourage my clients to get in. And they DID even though it wasn’t really part of their plan. 

In that moment, when my clients didn’t think they could do it, there was coaching, encouragement, and knowing their personalities and how they were going to respond. 

Telling them things like 

“You have done things harder than this before, Imagine that.” 

But with that personalized guidance and controlling their breath – everyone went ALL IN and did one round of at least 3 minutes. (#proudmom moment) 

In that moment, I realized that my impact was BEYOND the idea of just being on zoom with them. They flew to CO because I decided to host this retreat, and I got to have a moment with them that I would NEVER have with anyone else. 

From failed masterminds, to three people saying YES I’m in for this mastermind and THEN them coming and being here. As a coach, your impact matters and your people want you to do life with them. 

And it wasn’t just me coaching – it was them coaching each other. 

That’s exactly what Mission Income is about. Doing something completely different than most of the people you know. Having a space to have conversations about good things, cry if you need to, and support each other. 

Mission Income is about scaling your business and your life to what you want. 

You don’t need to wait for the perfect moment to host a retreat

I wish I didn’t wait so long to host a retreat in real life. The thoughts that I had saying 

I thought I needed a bigger audience, a better organized event, and all those perfectionist thoughts is what held me back. 

But here’s the thing: You can build the life and business you want in the next 6 months. You don’t have to wait 10 years to make your dreams a reality. 

You can launch that course, build that membership, and host a retreat as part of your mastermind. 

There are no rules that say, you need 10k followers or $100k months, or whatever you tell yourself to do the thing that you want to do. 

Get in the room, create the room, do the thing you want to do and truly understand that your people are waiting and ready for you.

The only person that is holding back is YOU (okay and maybe your expectation and waiting to be “ready” 

The power of community comes to life during a retreat

TBH – it’s scary to fly to a place you’ve never been to meet up with people you’ve only been on Zoom with. 

And tbh – it was scary to have people come in to hang out with me for 4 whole days and not make it about business. 

But at the same time: it’s the move. It was scary but amazing. Hosting a retreat was one of the most expansive things I ever did in my business. 

It was everything it needed to be and I left the weekend with a full heart. 

There was so much time to talk about life, to get to know each other and to enjoy each other. Yeah, everyone already knew each other’s businesses but something about being in person and learning about each other deepened the connection so much more. 

It’s a different level of mentorship, coaching and networking. When you say you’re going to take time out of your weekend to go visit strangers you only met on the internet. That’s HUGE.   

There was a running joke all weekend where I kept saying “Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to come out here and do things”.  It was invaluable for me as a business owner to host a retreat and I’m so grateful I have clients willing to fly out and hang out with me. 

If you are someone looking at Mission Income and deciding if you want to go meet coaching friends in real life, I would also say 1000% do it. You’ll never have more fun. It’s hard to put into words how amazing the experience is.





I invited 3 strangers for a hometown date

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