Why you shouldn’t stop posting or selling even if engagement is down



May 10, 2024

Content is your key to consistent sales (even if engagement is down)

Your engagement is down so you decide to stop posting, stop selling, stop doing things because you haven’t hit your goals and you want to reset and find a better strategy. 

But what happens when you stop, you don’t realize there’s people in your audience who are warmed up and ready to sign with you, and you miss out on opportunities. Aka costing you the sales you wanted and were working towards.

You really don’t have a crystal ball telling you what’s going to happen. You could create a special offer that creates a cash infusion, you could go viral, you could book out your offers for the next 6 or 8 months.

But when you spend hours overanalyzing ONE post, trying to find the perfect words, putting all the pressure on yourself to make this ONE post convert – you hold yourself back. 

The truth is, not everything you post is going to pan out in the specific way you want it to.

Your audience isn’t hyper fixating on your content as much as you do. One post isn’t going to make or break whether or not someone wants to work with you. It’s not going to bring your engagement way up or way down.

What they’re looking for is to understand you, your offers, and how you can help them. And the only way to help them see that is to show up and sell your offer. Not just one time, but over and over again. 

It’s not just about ONE post. It’s about the body of work you create through posting and showing up and selling your offer. The sum of all those actions is what will create your consistent income. 

Why no one is buying when you don’t show up

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. A lot of people do this where they struggle in the online space because they stop posting, stop selling, stop showing up… then they wonder why no one’s buying and why their engagement is down.

Well, no shit, no one is buying because you aren’t marketing your offer. Marketing is how you create awareness around your offers and help your audience decide if the offer is right for them. It means you’re showing up and talking about your offer. 

So when you don’t show up – there’s no awareness in your audience. People won’t buy because they don’t know what they’re buying or that you even have open slots for more clients. 

People aren’t going to assume your business is going bad. They’re going to assume things are good. You’re booked, you’re busy, you’re with your kids, you’re traveling. They see your outward appearance. 

You don’t show up saying “my business is on fire and I need someone to bring me a fire truck”. People don’t assume the worst. Your people probably assumed that you’re booked out and busy, taking care of your clients. 

But when you are in that place, feeling like your posts don’t matter, you have the spotlight effect happening. In case you don’t know, the spotlight effect is when you overestimate how much people notice your mistakes or flaws. 

What it looks like is you feeling like everyone watches your every move and notices every little thing you do. You feel like your audience can read your mind, seeing the imposter syndrome you feel.

So you stop doing the things that actually get the results: posting, showing up, selling, following up, handling objections in the DMs or sales calls. Posting your application even if you haven’t gotten link clicks. 

But the thing with the spotlight effect is that your audience isn’t paying attention that closely. They are way more focused on their own stuff than overanalyzing everything you post. 

The Key to momentum that you’re missing

This momentum is important. Planning ahead is important because you can be prepared and figure out ways to get ahead on your content. 

What this can look like:

Can you start posting more? If you aren’t posting at all, post 2-3x a week. If you post every day, can you post 2x a day? 

The key is finding a rhythm that works for you where you’re being proactive with your content. 

You don’t need to batch 90 days at a time. Batch a week at a time. Build up to batching a quarter at a time. That is the dream place to be in. 

Create a plan, batch your content and show up. This will create consistency over time because you’re not relying on inspiration and motivation. Motivation is fleeting.

You don’t need to make content from inspiration, you can batch your content and schedule it – it still goes out whether or not you feel like it. That’ll keep your engagement from doing down too.

These are the conversations that as a CEO, you probably don’t want to have. Even when your imposter syndrome kicks in, even when you feel like you messed up, your content needs to be going out. 

Stop reinventing the content wheel

There’s a lot of resilience in business that I see entrepreneurs skip because they think they can strategy their way out of it. But instead of resetting your strategy after a flopped post, keep posting. 

Your content doesn’t need to be new and unique. It doesn’t need to be based on trends or super inspirational.  Pull from the archive, change graphics, repurpose your best ideas. There’s some pieces of content you can use over and over for years on end. 

Not every piece of content is going to make you sales. Not every piece of content is going to get a bunch of likes and shares. But what you’re doing is building your authority by sharing your expertise. 

So instead of saying, no one is buying so I’m not going to post… say no one is buying because I’m not showing up. I’m not posting and I’m not signing clients because I’m not selling. People don’t buy what they don’t know. 

Start planning your content ahead of time

The things you do in Q4 are going to directly influence Q1. Things you do in Q1 are going to influence Q2 and Q3. The things you do in Q2 are going to influence Q3 and Q4. 

So when you show up consistently you build future consistency for your business. And consistent doesn’t mean daily. Daily is a myth in the online space that consistency equals daily. It’s not true. Consistency is having a plan and sticking to it. 

So instead of thinking, okay Q1 didn’t go the way I wanted, so I want Q2 to be better. But you don’t plan to show up and create content, do the things that matter, you affect the results you can get later in Q3 and Q4. 

Even when it feels like all you hear is crickets, your IG reach is dead, you’re engagement is down, you feel like nobody is listening, even when you release podcast episodes and get the lowest of low listens. 

You still show up and you continue to build that momentum. Because it’s going to come to fruition, but it might not be for 90 days or 6 months. 

Need help showing up consistently? Check out DFY Content Prompts to use on threads, tik tok or instagram to help you drive more inquiries and show you as the expert. 





Why you shouldn’t stop posting or selling even if engagement is down

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