Impact includes your income



April 9, 2024

I can’t tell you the exact words when my OBM needed time off to spend her mom’s last days. It wasn’t just about my business; what about my friend going through this moment in her life? There was no PTO, and there was no HR. How do you handle this situation?

and what does it look like when she passed?

When my brother passed in 2016, I took two weeks off and went back to work. I needed the money, and I needed the sanity. And while I had NO clue how to navigate through the grief of losing my sibling and most of my friends had never gone through that. I just did what I could.

In 2018, when I was fired, I lost the idea that I had a timeline for returning to work. There was no handbook policy for immediate family members vs. non-immediate family members and the alotted time you get to spend before you tap into PTO or take a leave of absence. There was no HR approval, just me and the company.

So, sitting in my boyfriend’s bedroom after crying tears of sympathy, I realized that I had control over how my company and a contractor could handle this situation.There was an impact to be made on this, and it was directly tied to the income we were making

As Mother Teresa said, “If you want to change the world, go home and start loving your family.” As a business owner (in therapy with healthy boundaries), that help started internally with my time and giving the space.

A year later, the business looks different, and while we are rapidly scaling, it’s the same reminder we come back to as a new team of 5.

Income allows us to make the impact we want: to hire the people who need us and to give opportunities to people who wouldn’t have had a hand before. It is often paired with the idea of strengthening weak ties (meaning the people not in your direct circles who benefit from the help) and the reminder that you sat in their spot not long ago.

A helper’s high is real, and the idea that you don’t just have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps is real.

And it’s the reminder that Sales matters. Making as much in your business in the time you want matters. When wealthy women come together, they build communities, donate to libraries, and improve schools.

Making more money is NOT greedy, having enough money is a basic need. And on the other side, you have to make money to survive in your business. Throw that message out. In fact, I URGE YOU to think about your money differently

ask yourself

How could you help your own family if you made more money?

How could you prioritize yourself if you made more money?

How can you change your small community if you make more money?

What if it was finally possible for you to do what you want, help the people you want, and have the impact you wanted?

Because, on the other hand, money is not the root of evil here. It’s truly a tool to improve life as we know it.





Impact includes your income

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