Stuck at $2-3k Months? Get Clear on your Ideal Client.



April 16, 2024

Here’s why you’re stuck at 2-3k Months:

Before I dive into breaking down a 5k month, I want to preface this by saying – no, it’s not the economy. Instead, it’s probably your marketing and your lack of clarity around your ideal client.

If that’s the main reason why you aren’t making the money you think you should – this post is for you. Also if you’ve hit 5k before but you haven’t consistently done it, meaning you make less than $60,000 a year, this post is for you. 

First things first, you think your ideal client and niche are some little tidbit that marketing professors talk about that’s totally outdated. 

It’s not. 

The problem is that you are either being too specific with your ideal client or you aren’t being specific enough. 

There’s a happy medium but deciding that you are the niche and you have no ideal client is probably why you aren’t making money. 

Now, when I talk about the ideal client, I’m not talking about demographic factors: she lives in Chicago and makes $100k a year. 

What I am talking about is actually getting into the problems, the gaps, the solutions, the conversations that they are having. 

This is the first thing we focus on in Scale to 5k. I notice when my clients have a clear and specific ideal client, their content gets better, their sales get better, and they start making more money because they are specifically talking to someone. 

What to say to Ideal Clients

Now, if you’re someone who wants to be more of a niche service, instead of having an ideal client of health coaches you are a social media marketer for health coaches. And that’s okay because you still want to speak to the same types of things. 

You’re going to be talking about your ideal client’s problems, not necessarily saying you’re ready to outsource your engagement but being very specific about the symptoms they’re experiencing. How well you can describe those symptoms clearly and specifically is going to improve your marketing. 

So instead of saying you’re ready to outsource your engagement, get clear and specific on their ideal day. 

They are someone who probably has more than 50 messages in their DMs and they’re constantly sending a message saying “oh, I’m so sorry, I’m just seeing this and getting back to you now.” This is someone who knows the power of messages, but to add that to their plate is like putting a fork in their eye. 

The next step is marketing to your ideal client. 

Marketing influences sales and I see some of y’all have not posted on your feed since 2020. I’m shocked when you show up in my DMs and you’re like “I’m not making money”. 

It’s because you’re not marketing to your ideal client. Marketing is designed to bring more people into your audience and to increase awareness of your offers. 

The cool thing is, we live in a day and age where you can use a variety of platforms. We just brought Pinterest into my business to move people towards Instagram and into the Podcast because the reach on Instagram is next to zero.. 

Do you have to do that? No. If you’re selling a high-ticket service, you only need to have five people at $1000 a month to make it a 5K a month. So you don’t need to go all in on marketing on 5 different platforms. 

But it does mean you have to show up and talk about your offer. Whether you do it on Instagram or your email list or Linkedin. It doesn’t matter where you do it as long as you show up and do it. 

It also means your content needs to be engaging and interesting enough to bring in ideal clients. Not just 3 reasons you need a VA. Or What are DM sales? What is a website? 

Talk about how YOU can help your ideal clients solve their problems. 

What are the problems they are facing? 

Why do they have that problem?

What are the symptoms of it? 

What are the solutions they desire? 

Keep coming back to those questions. You need to repeat it more than once. 

To dig into how to use marketing to bring in ideal clients, check out Scale to 5k.





Stuck at $2-3k Months? Get Clear on your Ideal Client.

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