One of the biggest reasons why your content isn’t hitting



May 1, 2024

I’ve audited probably 10k pieces of content at this point in my business, serving 350+ clients in five years. As someone who sees a of content, this is something that is MISSED, and you can feel it in your content.

How content was taught is hurting you.

Education content is dead, but it isn’t dead. You are getting conflicting advice on how to create content without realizing that the content is truly content.

When I started in 2019. how to content was all the RAGE. There was a small group of people teaching, and there was less info. Even before I was working the space, I was tutoring a kid as my day job and spending most of my days teaching how to.

When content shifted in 2020 away from how to content, I struggled hard. Face it- I’m a teacher, and I love breaking things down. If you are reading this, you feel the same way.

You love helping others through the step-by-step process, and you love being an expert with all the answers.

What you are discounting is how content can be the same process as knowing how hot dog they make….. If you know, please don’t tell. You don’t want to know how the hotdog is made; you want to enjoy the smell of the hot dog stand.

Showing vs Telling

Picture this – you get dragged to Lowe’s because of home improvement project season. You’ve been down every aisle pushing a 40lb cart full of your first trip items. You breeze through the checkout, and the smell of the hot dog stand wafts over to you.

That hotdog smells like freedom from home improvement hell (sorry, I’m not a big DIY person) and suddenly you are in the line “Two please.”

At that moment, you don’t want your partner to come up and tell you that your blood sugar is low and that you need a carb, protein, and some fat. And that white bread bun may spike your blood sugar.

You smell the hot dog, and you are all in.

Your brain is hard-wired to run based on pleasure because pleasure = a dopamine rush, which makes the brain thrilled.The same way, you don’t want to know what the hot dog is made up – you just want to eat the hot dog.

This is a case of SHOWING, not telling them.

What most people are doing is saying – you want the hot dog, you want it because your blood sugar is low. You want it because of this.

And it’s not working. Because at the end of the day, knowing what you NEED and WANTING are two different things. But it doesn’t mean you need to give up and walk away from business.

Pull out the desire for your ideal clients. What is their CORE desire and why does it matter?

It’s not that they have a system that they want to use forever or a brand done by a professional branding person.

Think about the motivations – easy, flow, clarity, authority.

They want to have something so easy that they can do the system when they have a baby who is cuslter feeding and you haven’t put a shirt on all day because of that

a brand that just by seeing one to to colors on a feed people instantly know who they are.

Connection comes from Showing

Remember that your ideal client buys from emotion and justifies from logic. They aren’t logically thinking about the hot dog (even if you think that they are). Your ideal client wants to be validated in their needs and feel a connection to the brand that they are buying from

when you are telling them, you are TALKING at them and not saying “Hey, I see you. I understand your problem, and here is a solution.”

They want an easy way out of their problems, but too many people make it too hard to see it.

The principle of least resistance states it best. Humans are going to take the least amount of effort to get something. Your brains are trying to conserve that future energy for potential danger

Your brain has not evolved to realize that lions aren’t creeping around the corner or waiting for you at your front door.

And yes, I get the concern of what would happen if you picked the wrong visual image for them. It’s not about the visual hitting, it’s the underlying emotion. Even if they don’t relate to that situation, they can relate to the emotions

Humans are EMOTIONAL beans.

And if you are still stuck, use the prompts down below

Create the same demand in your content to create leads by using the prompt below.

What is the want someone has?

Why are they stuck?

And what can someone do about the gap to get them closer?

Stop thinking that they need step by step of how you are going to help them, and maybe show them that what they want (not need) ​​​​​​​is not as far fetched as they think





One of the biggest reasons why your content isn’t hitting

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