You need strategy AND mindset 



May 7, 2024

Strategy means nothing without the right business mindset

You allow your mindset on business to hinder the growth you could have because you’re either…

…mind setting yourself to death. Waiting until you’re in alignment and being in the best place to move forward. Then something comes up, your day doesn’t go the way you want it to, and it derails you and you need to take a day off. 

… OR you’re not digging into the beliefs that you have and why things aren’t going the way you want. Your brain is a self-fulfilling prophecy, it does actions around what it believes. You can’t go around your beliefs. 

Here’s the thing:  You can’t strategy yourself out of a bad mindset. You also can’t work on mindset and have no strategy.

You need both. They go hand in hand.  

The problem I see with entrepreneurs that aren’t hitting $5k months consistently and struggling to scale is that they aren’t willing to address the mindset piece. 

When it comes down to it, it’s not just journaling, or sitting in meditation or manifesting your dream Bali life- it’s getting deep in your own mind.

Why Mindset feels Hard

Entrepreneurship feels so difficult because you aren’t conditioned to be a business owner. 

Everything you were taught in school goes against entrepreneurship. 

There aren’t opportunities to fail in school. If you fail you have to take the class over again. There isn’t opportunity to get rejected over and over and over  – which is what you need to experience in sales. 

It’s why so many business owners tap out.  In your first five years, more than 50% of your peers will walk away from their business. Let that sink in. 

On paper, entrepreneurship seems like a good idea: make your own hours, decide your schedule, make as much money as you want. Build social media, have this amazing life where you become a digital nomad. 

But when you dig into it, it’s like holy shit. Some days you’re gonna show up and get smacked back down again.  

You’re going to launch an offer and not sign clients. Maybe you have to borrow money from a family member to pay bills because you’re waiting for this business to come to fruition. Or you have to split your time between a job and this business or your family and this business. 

You need to build a resilient mindset

There’s a certain level of resiliency that entrepreneurs starting out are lacking. 

Being able to hear no over and over and still have the fortitude to show up.

Knowing that your mistakes, your failures and your rejections don’t mean anything about you as a person but are part of the process of being an entrepreneur.  

Am I a lighthouse in the fog saying, “don’t start a business”? 

No. I’m not saying that because business changed my life. It changed who I was. 

It gave me access to go to therapy and it allowed me to change my mental health. I met an amazing partner. I spent more time with my family. I’ve had incredible opportunities that never would have been handed to me. 

But there were days where I cried and I cried to my dad and my boyfriend saying I wasn’t cut out for this. I sat on my therapist’s couch and said, You know, it would be so much easier to get a 6 figure job than to show up and do this every day. 

I had launches that totally flopped. I’ve had days where all I hear is no, now is not the time even though I love you as a coach. 

But the difference between where you are right now and where you wanna be is whether or not you’re willing to flex that muscle. For a lot of people, it gets hard. 

Grow your mindset muscle

Something that helps is trying new things, whether it’s fitness or a hobby. Because those types of things remind you – I’m not good at this. I have to work at it and get better every time. 

It’s building your growth mindset. It’s what you need in business.It helps you expand your horizons. It helps you take the pressure off. 

You have to pour into you. You’re the only person who can drag yourself through those hard moments.

Sometimes you get so used to winning that when you start “losing” (you’re not actually losing, it just feels that way), you have a bad reaction. And that’s where mindset work comes in. It’s where using your tools is so important. 

It’s easy to show up and do the work when you’re winning. But the moments you feel like you’re “losing”, those are the moments you need to tap into your mindset.  

So if you’re someone who only listens to the strategy part and you’re rolling your eyes at me like yeah, yeah, Meghan. It doesn’t matter… this is your call out to do it. 

If you haven’t dug into the mindset side of business, go ahead listen to the podcast episode I did with Addison Bowen about hypnotherapy. 

I’m someone who will continue to preach hypnotherapy to the rooftops because it’s been so life changing. 

But if you’re someone who struggles with mindset, I encourage you to lean in. Mindset is the hardest part but you can build that muscle. 

Want support for your business mindset? Get inside Scale to 5k, where special guest Addison comes in and does mindset coaching with you. 





You need strategy AND mindset 

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