There’s no Magic Pick-up Line to Sign Clients



November 6, 2023

What if I told you that signing clients had nothing to do with what you said?

I see you getting on Instagram and looking for the perfect thing to say to sign clients. 

But to be honest with you, there is no magical pick-up line. You aren’t at a bar trying to pick someone up. 

So what is it about? 

Marketing comes down to 2 things:

  1. Consistency
  2. What’s in it for them

The biggest factor in signing clients is consistency. 

Before you roll your eyes at me because I just threw the C word at you, take a breath. 

When I say consistency, I don’t mean selling every single day, showing up on stories, and living on Instagram for every waking moment of your day. The online space has created this narrative that consistency means DAILY. 

But here’s the thing about consistency: all it means is you have a plan, and you stick to it.

When it comes to sales, planning and executing on that plan is going to be really powerful. This is the difference between my clients who come in making $2k  per month and it feels really inconsistent, to the clients who are making $2k per client. 

You want to take your audience through a fully fleshed plan from pre-launch, to agitation, to warming them up, and make it a fun and engaging experience. 

When you have that plan and you are consistent, you realize the one time you post content, the one time you show up on stories, it doesn’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things. What matters is the consistency of it. 

If you want support in building that 2k per client consistency – check out Scale to 5k.

The Law of Diminishing Returns

At some point you exceed the maximum amount of effort and because you’ve exceeded the max amount of effort, you have decreased the amount of return that you’re going to get in marketing. 

If you were using something like Instagram or Tiktok or even Pinterest – your law of diminishing returns is going to happen at about 3 posts a day. Once you hit that third post a day, you start losing algorithmic reach (which can change as the algorithm changes).

There IS a quantity game that gets missed in marketing because people want to know how they can do more with less.

Think about the ideal client you’re engaging with. They currently follow 3x more people than they used to. So on average, they were following 200 people. Now they follow 600 people on average. Which means they consume significantly less content. 

They won’t see every single piece of content you put out there. And they need to see something up to 42 times before they buy. 

That’s why it’s a quantity game. 

Your job is to take someone through a marketing funnel, not just in one post, but through a mosaic of content that you are posting. This gives them the time they need to recognize their problem, know the solution they want, and based on your marketing you become front of mind for them. 

Which means you need enough repetition in your marketing that allows you to bring the right people in. The way to do that? Quantity and quality of your posts. 

What’s in it for your clients? 

The first thing you need to sign ideal clients in the door is what’s in it for them? 

The problem most people have when they are looking for the perfect thing to say is that they’re focusing on what will make them look the best, the most qualified and the most capable. 

When your audience is looking at your content, they aren’t wondering if you’re the best or most qualified person. They’re wondering “what’s in it for me?” 

They want to know how this offer helps me get from the current place I’m at to the place I want to be? 

So, instead of trying to look good as a salesperson so your people buy from you, focus more on THEM (not you) and how you can help them. That’s what will help you sell more. 

Digging into your audience’s brains – humans are motivated by internal and external motivators. 

Internal motivators are sustained over longer periods of time because they have a buy-in and they’re emotionally invested in making a change. 

External motivators look more like peer pressure, what other people are doing, how others perceive you. 

So when you think about what’s in it for your ideal clients, you’re thinking about the behavioral change driven by internal motivators because whatever they are doing at that moment isn’t currently working. 

Instead of focusing on yourself and what makes you look good, showing up trying to be the most professional, most qualified – flip the script and focus on your ideal clients and how you help them.

Why should they buy into your offer/ Why does it matter to them? How does it help them?

Take off your expert hat – you don’t need to show off everything you know. 

Think about what words your ideal clients will use. When you speak their language you become more approachable vs when you use jargon it goes over your dream clients heads. That’s going to be a game changer for signing clients.

If you’re struggling with consistency – try the 60 DFY content prompts in the shop. 





There’s no Magic Pick-up Line to Sign Clients

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