Would Scale to $5k Work for You?


FAQ, Scale to $5k

October 28, 2023

Are you a good fit for Scale to $5k?

The message always starts with” Based on where I’m at in my business, would Scale to $5k be a good fit for Me? This happens every time I sell any program. The problem is that this statement isn’t alone.

It always comes with:

  • I don’t have a website yet, can I still sign clients?
  • I’m going through a rebrand and messaging upgrade, should I wait for that before I join?
  • I don’t use Instagram for my business, Can I still join?
  • I’ve never sold before, would this be a good fit for me?

Are you ready to Scale to $5k?

The underlying tone of it is the desire and need to be “Ready” for something. Which if you haven’t figured it out, is a perfectionist trap to keep you safe.

Ready has been and always will be a lie. It’s the idea that there are the most ideal conditions in the whole world and WHEN that happens, you can take the leap. Ready is the trap that will keep q4 looking the same as q3 and the podcast you have been planning to launch is sitting as a to-do task in your click-up.

The Illusion of needing to be ready is what is holding you back

The REASON you started your business

You started a business not waiting for the perfect moment in life to start…. in fact, looking back, it may not be the best moment for you. You made your offers or services, not waiting for the online space to tell you what is worthwhile or valuable.

And you probably experienced some failure (or feedback)

Does it make sense to join Scale to $5k?

So based on where you are at, some things may not make sense to make the investment right now. But on the other side of understanding that you will NEVER be fully ready. When you take action is when you take massive growth.

Imagine your business 3-5 years from now,

  • What does your business look like?
  • What do your days look like when you have a business that supports your lifestyle?
  • What does your income look like?
  • How do you feel?
  • Where do you travel or visit?
  • What impact does that create?

Because what you do today will determine that feature. And based on where you are, where you want to go, and what’s holding you back, will determine how much sooner you can have that dream life.

It doesn’t have to be HOURS of work and hating your business.

It gets easy, so breathe that in.

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FAQ, Scale to $5k




Would Scale to $5k Work for You?

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