What I’ve learned is helping 100s of students hit $5k months.


FAQ, Scale to $5k

November 10, 2023

My Scale to $5k clients is no different than yours. Most of them play on the same level you do. 

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Becoming a business owner online comes with the idea that some people are better than you. 

They have:

  • More followers.
  • More experience. 
  • A team.
  • A supportive community.

And sometimes, they seem better.

On top of that, the first year of business feels like the more you learn.., the less you know. So what ends up happening is you play small.

You compare yourself to other people and hold yourself back. Most of the time, you don’t realize it till you have LinkedIn open and apply for jobs for which you are overqualified.

This playing small shows up in so many ways

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The difference between you and someone hit $5k months

What the difference isn’t

Making the first step

Here’s the thing – my clients are no different than you; their businesses look like your business. They are starting with dreams similar to yours. 

The only thing that keeps you from being different from them is the choice. The choice is to stop waiting for the right time, to ask for help, and to show up and take up space in this community. 

And the same choice is always available to you. It just comes down to knowing that you can do more in your business and that it’s possible to make this whole thing work out. 

How to Scale to $5k months

One offer

You don’t need a complete product suite to start selling your online business. Most of my clients who have a full suite – I tell them to focus on ONE offer.

Before I had mastermind, mini mind, and membership – I was focusing on selling my 1×1 program (that would later turn into Scale to $5k)

One offer allows you to get good at selling and marketing. You aren’t focused on trying to fill multiple offers.

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One ideal Client

If your offer can serve multiple people, you either have numerous ideal clients or one ideal Client with the same problem.

The problem is that focusing on two or more ideal clients is splitting your attention. The average customer needs to see something 42 times before buying; you are focusing on repeating and building that awareness.

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High Ticket Pricing

The fact of the matter is that you are undercharging in your services, and that is WHY you are struggling to hit $5k in months.

With high ticket pricing, you don’t have to play a volume game. You can focus on serving 4-6 clients who are paying you $1,000 USD or higher per month.

This gives you time back into your business and is a sales strategy supported by the audience you currently have.

If you are ready to start signing high-ticket clients and scaling to $5k months, Scale to $5k is for you.

FAQ, Scale to $5k




What I’ve learned is helping 100s of students hit $5k months.

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I didn’t come out of the womb selling but having three older brothers taught me a thing or two about how to get my way.

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